Friday, June 1, 2012

Faux Feminism

There is a new column up at the Salt lake Tribune by Peg Mcentee titled:‘Sister Wives’ lawsuit opens window on modern polygamy' You can read the entire column, and I hope you will, here.
Among other things, Ms. Mcentee says,

"I have to say, I debated with myself at length upon hearing that the "Sister Wives" family won’t face felony bigamy charges in Utah County," and "What I finally realized is that, as a fervent backer of gay rights, including marriage, I could not gainsay the right of one straight man and four straight women to live together as their beliefs and convictions guide them."

I could go on forever but I am simply, for the most part, going to post the reply I left on the Tribune discussion board: 

There is so much wrong here that I'm not even sure where to start. But let's start with the sustainability of the polygamy lifestyle. Peggy, are you aware that every last adult member of the Brown family has at one time or another filed for bankruptcy, or that right up until the start of their very successful show, the family was on public assistance? Of course they are no longer on food stamps, thanks to TLC. But I would hazard a guess that TLC does not have a budget to support the rest of the tens of thousands of polygamists in Utah and Arizona. Have we seen Kody and his harem manage to get jobs yet? Their reality doesn't really seem so "real." Have you ever looked at a chart showing the food stamp payout to Colorado City, Arizona, Peggy? They get $8 in government benefits for every $1 they pay in taxes. I have seen "families" in Utah that collect more that $30,000 a month in food stamp benefits. That's because they are all single mothers, don't you know. The pain, the horrible pain suffered by women in the AUB, the Kingstons, the LeBarons and many other polygamist sects is very real, Peggy. I could go on...
But let's move on to the other polygamy you now have to approve of, Peggy, since you seem to care about fairness so much. What about Muslim polygamy, Peggy? Our feminist sisters in the middle east are signing petitions, asking for the banning of the practice, 80% are opposed to it and more than 70% of Muslim first wives say their input was not sought before their husbands brought home a new "wife," even though by Muslim law they are supposed to be required to obtain the first wife's permission. Did you know that 20% of the homeless population in Iraq's large cities are comprised of the cast off second, third, fourth wives and their children that the men no longer wish to support? or how about the woman in New York City who was so tired at work her physician employer finally pulled her aside to ask what the problem was, and she explained that her husband had recently brougt home a new "bride" from Pakistan, and now she and her three-year-old were sleeping on the floor of the living room, so the new "wife" could share her husband's bed. It used to be her bed.

Please hang out the welcome mat for the estimated 50,000 American Muslims illegally practicing polygamy in America. I think they should ALL move to be with you in Utah, where they will be quite safe abusing their women and children.

Please, Peggy, keep thinking!


Welcome to the new faux feminism. It has absolutely nothing to do with the welfare of women, and everything to do with a left wing liberal agenda: Women and children be damned!


  1. Please don't assume that people you label as, "left wing liberals" automatically support polygamy. Most of "us" are intelligent enough to see it exactly for what it is: institutionalized abuse of women and children, which runs entirely contrary to "our" stereotype. Your blog pays great tribute to those unfortunate souls; please be careful of alienating those of "us" whose political beliefs otherwise differ from your own. On this issue, I think we can agree.

  2. Anon, I hope you don't take it personally, especially since you obviously do not support the decriminalization of polygamy. If it makes you feel any better I'm an equal opportunity offender. The fact is, those who are doing the most to actively help normalize and decriminalize polygamy are in fact politically liberal. You must have already noticed that I do not pull punches with anyone just because they claim the mantle of conservative either. Because, while many of the Liberals help to support decriminalization, conservatives like Utah and Arizona politicians are actively helping to cover up the abuses.

    I'm as careful as I can be while still holding people accountable for the support of this abuse. I have a few very politically liberal friends and we do have to agree to disagree on a lot of issues. But on the issue of polygamy we do, indeed, agree.

    Oprah Winfrey has a lot to answer for in this regard as she has made it very clear that she supports "consenting adults" rights to engage in this illegal behavior. Never mind that empirical research shows that polygamy harms women and children even among consenting adults.

    D-Janet Napolitano, a former Arizona Governor also turned a blind eye to the abuses, along with her AG D-Terry Goddard.

    Jonathan Turley, who is representing the Browns is another example of a politically liberal person actively supporting and defending the abuse.

    Dr. Phyllis Chesler is an Emerita Professor of Psychology and Women's Studies at City University of New York, and although she has written extensively about the abuse of polygamy, the liberal establishment still shuns her position in favor of the "consenting adult" myth.

    If you don't support the decriminalization of the abuse, then this post had nothing at all to do with you, and there was no need to take offense.

    But this statement, "Most of "us" are intelligent enough to see it exactly for what it is: institutionalized abuse of women and children..." is not necessarily true, since so many of those calling for decriminalization are indeed, liberal politically.

    Like I said, I'm an equal opportunity offender. If you are a conservative helping to contribute to this mess I will call you out, too. As you can see, I have pages and pages of documentation calling out those who claim to be conservative.

    I hope, like my friends who agree to disagree with me, you will find it possible to work with others who may not always agree with you, too.

    It looks like we have the same wish. I hope you mean it when you say you do not want to be alienated from others who may have different political beliefs.