Sunday, June 10, 2012

Polygamy and Pedophelia: The Connection

Men who believe with everything in them, their access to sex with the most number of women in this life is going to provide access in the afterlife to more limitless sex, are doing it from a desire for power. That is indeed the promise of both Mormonism and Islam.

Islam promises 72 virgins for those who have martyred themselves for Islam. That's why Nidal Hasan obviously wasn't afraid to die at Fort Hood. He is a martyr for Islam now. He has a complete [in his mind anyway] golden ticket to unlimited access to sex with multiple women in "paradise," should we put him to death, which we should, promptly. But I'm harsh and old fashioned like that, and I suppose I believe people who are treasonous to their country should be put to death.

Mormonism makes the same promise but adds the twist that they are required to practice 'the principle' of polygamy here on earth, in order to get their own planet and have limitless sexual relations with their "wives," in the afterlife. The women whose destiny is to be always pregnant by their "husband and god" so as to give birth perpetually to spirit children to populate the planet he is god over, will not be taken to this "heaven" unless their "husband/god" calls them to it after death.

So she can't even get to heaven without her husband's permission. That means in this life, she's got to "keep sweet" and press on...or she'll never get to the next one where she gets to be one of his multiple goddesses.

I'm sure none of this is getting any more appealing for the feminists I know. But what does any of it have to do with pedophilia you might ask.

We all know pornography is addictive for some men. What they start with is mild and they move on to wild, and some of them cannot stop until they have moved on to ever wilder thoughts of children. To any real feminist the idea that Hue Hefner has been good for women, or liberating for them in some way is utterly ridiculous.The man has done nothing but debase womanhood.

But let us move on now to the real victims of these sexualized religious beliefs: the children. Children raised to believe that their highest purpose in life is their sexuality are inevitably raised to be utterly obedient and submissive to the will of their religious leaders.

If a man is a pedophile in our society, he will most often start abusing his own children. they are in his home, under his authority and sheltered from prying eyes. Once his children have reached a developmental point where they are no longer sexually appealing to a true pedophile, he will stop the physical abuse and must now take a risk to find another victim. He must move on from the safety of the controlled environment of his home and become a teacher or a troop leader or a coach or a youth group leader or Sunday school instructor, or your best friend next door. This is when most of them, if they ever are caught, are finally identified.

But imagine you are a fundamentalist polygamist, with four or five "wives" and 17-23 children. You never have to leave your home for your next victim.

Marital Monogamy, found in traditional marriage, is for the protection of women and children. Any real feminist, meaning someone who cares about what happens to women in society, would take the time to do the research, which shows monogamy is the basic building block of a family unit with the most chance at perpetuating a society that is equal for all mankind. Even the pagan Romans knew as much.

I will never forget my friend Flora telling me that her whole life she knew she would never ever have more than two children. When I asked her, "Why?" she said, "Because that's all you can carry."

Take a look at this thread I found where current and former residents of Pinesdale discuss the rampant sexual abuse of their children in the AUB. This is the same sect the TLC's Kody Brown polygamists belong to, right now. Here.

You can read more about the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB) here.

Q: Why couldn't TLC show Kody and Robyn's wedding ceremony? Why could no other family members even attend parts of their AUB ceremony?
A: Because parts of the AUB Mormon marriage ceremony are performed in the nude. These nude rituals in the AUB ceremony, have caused severe emotional trauma for many AUB women, who had no idea that on their wedding day they would be asked to strip nude and submit to the "blessing" of their most private bodily parts by AUB church leadership.

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