Monday, June 29, 2009

Saftey Net Culturally Guided Plans for Utah

What a nice invitation.
This is an official invitation to help educate government workers on how to supply polygamists with information to help them apply for, and receive taxpayer assistance, without fear of being arrested for breaking Federal Laws against polygamy.
I wonder if any of the leadership in Texas CPS, DFPS, DES, or Health and Human Services have plans to either take advice from the experts listed here, or to actually send attendees to this "culturally guided, balanced approach to Service Provision" conference?
It sounds quite clinically fascinating after all, since it is designed for: "Building Bridges Not Barriers" and promises to teach us "What Social Workers Should Know".
According to the invitation, all our Utah pro-polygamy favorites will be attending, including Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, specifically speaking on the subject of
"Making it Safe for Fundamentalists to Receive Social Services".
One has to wonder, now that all the children were sent back even though abuses were identified, if those in charge of the system, which is supposed to protect Texas children, are instead getting in bed with a culture that tolerates and exacerbates the abuse of their human and constitutional rights.
Somebody should ask our governor if he is still sure our child protection system is being led by the right people, for Texas.
On the other hand, I would sure love to see some of the West Texas C.A.S.A. folk I know go to stare these people down through the whole thing, too, lmao!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

AAAP Friends & Survivors Picnic

The AAAP's Friends & Survivors Picnic will be held this Saturday in San Angelo, in Glenmore Park, starting at noon.

This is an opportunity for Texans to meet some of the survivors of American polygamy, shake their hands, look them in the eyes, ask them about their experiences, and offer your support.

When Willie Jessop asked the people of Utah to come support the FLDS because Texas had "stolen their children", this photo is what their support looked like.

Will you come support the victims, like Utah supports the perpetrators?

We have received some interest from people as far away as San Antonio who want to attend the picnic. If you are interested in coming, and would like to meet up with others in your area to share a ride, or form a caravan, you may post your interest here and hopefully you'll be able to join up with others in your city.

Bring some tater salad!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nice Relocation Package

Flora and I have just returned to the Dallas area for a well deserved break from the road, after nine days. We covered Dallas, Burleson, Plano, Tyler, Abilene, Midland, Lubbock, Amarillo and today Denton. We are pooped!

Next stop is Houston on the 20th and then 6 more Texas cities before we hit San Angelo for the last signing and then the picnic.

Since leaving Dallas we have been thrilled to have so many people who were touched by events at the YFZ stop in to see us and visit. We have visited one group children's home/ranch, to visit with the staff.

Foster parents who cared for the YFZ children, Texas Rangers, CASA volunteers, Shelter staff and CPS staff have all come in to see us. They are all very deeply concerned about the evidence of abuses they had each witnessed in the children, and still do not understand the state's decision to return the children.

Some of these stories have been, quite literally, heartbreaking. One foster family, which took in 12 of the children, said 10 of the 12 were bed wetters and three of the boys were unable to control their bowels through a whole almost certain indication of damage to their rectums.

One 13 year old girl, they were still uncertain if she is already a mother, because they could not locate a child for her, but there is medical evidence she's had one.

And get this, a five year old boy given a full body scan, revealed a total of 19 different bone breaks on that baby's body.

Notice the foster family only thought 2 of the children ages 4-13 might NOT have been sexually molested yet?

Now why in the HELL should Texas give those children back to perpetrators like THAT?

We're mad as hell and we aren't going to take this down here.
That's not what anyone I know wants for Texas children.

Can you please identify your state representatives, and contact them, personally, about this issue? And also call Harvey Hildebran's office to voice strong support for the AAAP's efforts to protect Texas women and children from polygamy?

We will also be posting an online petition, calling Texas citizens to add their names to the list of people who are gravely concerned about the protection of the human, civil and natural born rights to freedom, guaranteed by the constitution, to Texas and U.S. citizens, including its children.

We have every reason to believe that representatives from the Federal government personally threatened employees of Texas CPS, Shelter Workers, and Hot line personnel. We know CPS and shelter workers were confronted by FBI Special Agents, John W. Broadway, and Rick Fagan, and told to shut up and quit talking to the Texas Rangers about anything the children said.

Since when is it appropriate for the feds to come down here to Texas and tell us WE have no RIGHT to protect Texas children?

Why has it NOT been made known to the Texas people that virtually 100% of the population on that ranch were still receiving welfare benefits from Arizona and Utah? AND, that those states have NO plans to prosecute these people for fraud.

Of course if you won't prosecute people for abandoning their children on the sides of the roads up there, by the HUNDREDS, why would you prosecute them for defrauding the taxpayers either?

Better yet, since not one prosecution is planned, perhaps Arizona and Utah were simply funding the FLDS's relocation to Texas for them to begin with.

Since both states seem to have such an excess of money that they can afford to be funding the expansion of a criminal organization to our state, perhaps they should foot the bill for our raid to try to protect Texas citizens from it.

Every entity that truly tried to protect these children has been threatened, shut up, and shut down. The Texas Rangers and local Texas CPS and Shelter staff tried like Hell, only to have Austin step in, throw them under the bus and then throw the children under the bus too.

Things that make you go....Hmmmmm.

Back Home Connecting Dots

Michael O. Leavitt
Secretery of Health and Human Services
Served under President George W. Bush 2005-2009
Governor of Utah 1993 – 2003
Hometown Cedar City, Utah
Faith: LDS

On Polygamy

"Himself a descendent of polygamists, Leavitt came under strong criticism in 1998, while Governor, when he defended polygamy by saying, "It might enjoy religious freedom." He was later forced to backpedal and claimed that polygamy should be against the law."

Albert Hawkins. In January 2003, Gov. Rick Perry appointed Albert Hawkins to serve as the state’s health and human services executive commissioner. In this position, Hawkins heads the Health and Human Services Commission, which provides leadership and strategic direction to the health and human services system in Texas. The executive commissioner oversees the operations of the five health and human services agencies, comprised of about 45,000 employees working with a total annual budget of $25 billion

From 1995 to 2000, Hawkins was state budget director for then Texas Governor George W. Bush. From 1978 through 1994, he worked at the Texas Legislative Budget Board. Hawkins earned a bachelor’s degree in government from The University of Texas at Austin in 1975. He received a master’s of public affairs from the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas in 1978.

Anne Heiligenstein
Leader of the "Special Team" sent from Austin
to San Angelo, to take over the Texas CPS cases relating to
the polygamist's children living in Schleicher County, Texas,
on the YFZ at the time of the raid by Texas Rangers.

Appointed commissioner of the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), Nov. 20, 2008

Heiligenstein’s three decades of human services experience includes being director of policy and projects for First Lady Laura Bush in the White House, director of health and human services policy for Gov. George W. Bush, and assistant deputy commissioner and director of protective services at the former Department of Human Services. She received her master’s degree from Trinity University and her bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

“This is my passion,” Heiligenstein said. “I look forward to working with state and community leaders and our dedicated DFPS staff to protect our state’s children, our seniors and those with disabilities. I can’t imagine a greater or more humbling opportunity than to help provide a voice to those who often can’t articulate their own hopes or fears.”

Oh really? Check out my next post then, Ms. Heiligstein. Let's see how much you care after that, k?
Oh, and Austin? Not only do we have a problem, we're coming to visit you soon, too.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Orin Hatch's Strong Position on Polygamy

This is the strong position on polygamy taken by Utah Senator Orin Hatch, himself a descendant of practicing polygamists.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Big Willie's House in Cedar City

Taken by The Spectrum, this photo was taken outside of Willie Jessop's house in Cedar City, Utah during a law enforcement raid of his home, on a hot tip that Warren Jeffs might be in there.

What's wrong with this picture, folks?

Does this boy look afraid of law enforcement to you?

No children were removed from Willie's house, btw.

America Bows to the "Culture" of Abuse

June 6, 2009

Thank you Hillary...
for submitting to our patriarchs.

In a visit to Egypt which was meant to be a landmark in US-Arab relations, Hillary Clinton chose to have her head covered with a veil, thus forwarding a clear message to more than a hundred million Arab women: "if an American Secretary of State can wear it, it should be okay for you too."

Women of the Arab world and the Middle East suffered and struggled from patriarchal Islamist oppression which escalated in the last two decades. One simple example of the oppression is the excluding of females from all decision making positions as they are thought of as "emotional" and "irrational". Therefore, a woman cannot be a judge in court; neither can she be a full witness, as two women's testimony will be equal to one man. Other examples of the oppression travel around the world dressed in full black, with no openings, even for breathing.

In a total control of governmental and non-governmental mass media, Islamist ideologists brainwashed generations into the idea that females are deficient human beings with an evil urge to disgrace and dishonour. Therefore, they should be restricted into a narrow zone lest they bring shame and filth upon the innocent unsuspecting patriarchs at home. The same ideologists who hold the binding veil in one hand, hold another unreserved banner in the other hand which assures the males' biological need for more than one sexual partner and tries to polish legalized polygamy with baloney testimonies of "'…being fair among wives when it is too difficult".

None of these misogynist ideologists mention the human catastrophe which befalls the female and children population in an Islamist city. In the religious city of Najaf, south of Baghdad 20% of the adult female population are abandoned wives with no income. They are second, third and fourth wives of men who had taken off for other women. Their husbands do not care to divorce them or to spend on their wives and their children. In the "holy" city of Najaf, masses of destitute women and children roam in the streets and may manage to live off the charity of religious institutions which had justified their abandonment and poverty in the first place.

The Islamist ideologists do not feel compelled to justify the tragedy of tens of thousands of women and children of a polygamist culture. They continue to pump a woman serves man ideology to the young generations to perpetuate the males' misogynist practices and the females' submission to misogyny as part of faithfulness and godliness.

There was a time of progressive leftist change in the Arab and Middle Eastern societies. It coincided with a world-wide movement for liberation from colonialism. Our mothers' generation benefited from that age as they reached to the university seats and became doctors and engineers.

Still, it took many years of political and feminist struggle to get rid of the veil and the control of patriarchs who imposed the veil on them. As you may know Hillary, these women were not born with the veil. It always takes a misogynist patriarch to tie it around your head and neck. But these women gracefully succeeded and got rid of the veil, the symbol of their oppression. From thereon came the female Ministers, judges, scientists, doctors, and engineers.

Hillary … We are proud of our bodies and do not need to cover them to please your allies, the Islamist patriarchs. We also know that our fight for women's rights needs to parallel with a fight to end the US occupation in Iraq, as we have only witnessed deterioration in our lives and social status since day one of the occupation. Thanks to you and others like you, the Islamist patriarchs are ruling as government and militias in Iraq now. We know that women of Iraq cannot dream of a day of freedom as long as the US troops are in here.

If you need to flirt with your Islamist patriarch allies, go ahead. But never dare speak in the name of women and women's rights. Stick with the patriarchs in the boy's club as it serves you better.

Yanar Mohammed

Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq, president