Saturday, June 16, 2012

How Predators Like Jeffs and Sandusky Groom

If you had a sick enough mind to want to manipulate a child into having sex acts with you, without complaining to anyone afterwards, what would you have to do?

You'd have to do exactly what the FLDS and Jerry Sandusky do. You would have to gain some sort of power and influence over the child's life.

A less sophisticated child rapist might simply kill them afterwards, or tell them if they tell, he will come back to kill their mommy and daddy.

But Sandusky and Jeffs were the sophisticated, civilized variety of child rapists, so they manipulated rewards.

Take a look at this 1998 FLDS run Alta Academy school reader. If this isn't grooming children to be abused, I don't know what you could consider it. They couldn't even locate a model that didn't have visible injuries to his face? They used it in the lesson! They taught these children that their hurts and pains were to be suffered silently. Does anyone else see how self serving this grooming is for pedophiles and child abusers? Anyone?

By the way, the "daddy" in this "teaching material," is now sitting in a Texas prison.


  1. I can only hope that Warren Jeffs' life in prison is hell!

    ....and that Sandusky joins him there!

  2. Hi Boots,

    I stumbled across your blog and your other work after some horrified Googling and link-following spurred by a commenter on Pharyngula. The death-rate of FLDS children in particular is something that needs to be widely known.

    Anyway, I just stopped by to say keep up the good work.

    -- Random internet person, Australia

  3. Hi Anon,

    You can look at a comprehensive list of the FLDS polygamists cemeteries here, and see for yourself how fully 50% of the people buried in them are children. Have you ever seen a cemetery like this in your area?