Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Potential Witness Intimidation Attempt

I'd like to thank TexasBluesMan for his excellent coverage in his blog, Coram Non Judice http://coramnonjudice.blogspot.com/, of a potential witness intimidation attempt in San Angelo yesterday morning.

Carolyn Jessop, author of "Escape" was in San Angelo Sunday night in preparation for the hearing in Judge Walther's court Monday, in her child support case against her ex-owner, FLDS Bishop Merril Jessop of the YFZ.

Merril Jessop is claiming to have no income. Documents retrieved by the Texas Rangers in the 2008 rescue conducted at the YFZ, indicate Warren Jeffs ordered Merril Jessop to divest himself of all assets in preparation for a child support claim against him by Carolyn.

The unidentified pick up reportedly drove by the residence where she was staying early Monday morning, without head lights on, and several shots were fired.


"We are a peaceful people"
Willie Jessop

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh Canada, What Have You done?

Below is a letter, from my friend Nancy Mereska in Canada.

If you are concerned about the future of women's rights in North America, please follow her example and compose a letter asking the Canadian government to take immediate action against the human rights abuse of polygamy taking place within a supposedly free and democratic society.

Word is that the Province of B.C. has the option, and may yet appeal Judge Stromberg's decision. We need to insist our voice is heard.

Americans Against Abuses of polygamy is proud to stand strongly behind the efforts of Stop Polygamy in Canada. We support and encourage the Province of British Columbia to appeal this bad decision. We ask all freedom loving Americans to let their voice be heard, and to demand the Canadian government step up to protect the human rights of their women and children.


September 23, 2009

Premier Gordon Campbell
Office of the Premier
Legislative Building
Victoria, B.C.
V8V 1X4

Honourable Premier Campbell:

Re: Appealing the ruling by Judge Stromberg today that quashed the charges of polygamy against Winston Blackmore and James Oler

The Stop Polygamy in Canada Campaign respectfully requests that your government appeals the ruling by Judge Stromberg today, September 23, 2009, whereby the charges of polygamy against Winston Blackmore and James Oler have been quashed.

We wish to remind you that:
• Canada is the only country in the world that has all the legal ammunition it needs to prosecute and stop the practice of polygamy.
• Canada has a Criminal Code wherein Section 293 makes the practice of polygamy illegal.
• Canada has a Charter of Rights and Freedoms wherein sections 15 and 28 speak for gender equality—there is no gender equality in polygamy.
• Canada has signed and ratified many international conventions that speak to the rights of women and children including The International Convention for Human Rights, The International Convention for the Rights of the Child, and The International Convention for the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women—wherein section 5 speaks to the harm polygamy does to women and children.
• The women and children caught in the clutches of polygamy cannot speak for themselves. Their lives and salvation depend on them adhering to the dictates of their male leaders (and abusers).
• All aspects of polygamy are harmful and abusive: there is no freedom of choice, there is no education on rights and freedoms, there is abuse in all forms—mental, physical, and sexual.

The Government of British Columbia dismissed charges of polygamy against Winston Blackmore and Dalmon Oler (now deceased) in 1991 saying Section 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada was unconstitutional and did not apply to British Columbia. Where was the logic in that decision? How can a Province overrule a Federal Law? Now history has repeated itself to the shame of British Columbia.

A canwest news story appeared in the papers on March 25th of this year claiming that the “Harper Government is prepared to defend the constitutionality of Canada’s criminal ban against polygamy, arguing the practice of polygamy represents a ‘clear challenge’ to Canadian values, newly released federal documents show.” (The Edmonton Journal, Wednesday, March 25, 2009, Ottawa braces to defend polygamy ban by Andrew Mayeda, Canwest News Service, Ottawa).

Please use your powers to launch an appeal to Judge Stromberg’s ruling. The world is watching Canada. The world is educated on the powers and legal ammunition Canada has to Stop Polygamy in Canada.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. A favour of your response to this email letter would be appreciated.


Nancy Mereska, Coordinator
Stop Polygamy in Canada
Box 136
Two Hills, AB T0B 4K0

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Ironies of the Civil Rights of Preston Barlow

Four days ago, former Colorado City police officer Preston Barlow filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Arizona Attorney General and the Arizona Police Officer's Standards and Training Board, insisting that his civil rights have been violated, because of his decertification.
I find this especially ironic, because in 2006 I had occasion to have a somewhat tense encounter with Officer Barlow in Colorado City, Arizona, right outside the Hildale Health Clinic.
Flora and I had gone up to Saint George to attend the initial hearings of Warren Jeffs in the Elissa Wall case. Flora brought with her a trailer load of clothing, books, toys, food, furniture and other items for distribution to women and children who had escaped polygamy. Her Suburbans power steering went out right outside of Kingman, so we were forced to abandon it and attach the trailer to my truck for the trip up there.
We spent the three days delivering the goods, meeting with the families in need and attempting once again to locate Flora's mother. After a long day of hearings in Saint George, where Flora went inside to observe, and I stayed outside schmoozing with the national media, we set out for Colorado City.
Since my truck had Texas plates, we knew it would draw some serious attention in Colorado City. At that time, most of the FLDS residents there were in serious denial that Warren was abandoning them and moving "the elect" to Texas. Many residents at the time refused to believe there was even a settlement there, claiming we were all liars.
We visited the cemeteries first, documenting the baby cemetery in Hildale with photographs.
As it was starting to get dark, we headed for the health clinic, which was the last known residence of Flora's mother, since she had been last 'reassigned' as a concubine to the doctor who lived in the house behind the security gates attached to the clinic.
Flora drove, since she was familiar with the area. We pulled into the driveway and she followed the instructions on the sign, which were to turn off the vehicle's engine and press the button on the call box.
Flora asked to speak to "Mother Pat" and there was a long pause before a voice responded, "Who is this"? Flora laughed and said, "You know damn well who this is. This is Flora, and I want to speak to my mother. Is she in there? Is she still alive?" She was instructed to wait. So we did. By this time it was dark.
A few minutes later a Colorado City Police vehicle pulled up, with lights flashing, blocking us into the clinic driveway. The officer got out of the vehicle and began to approach my truck. At that time both Flora and I exited the vehicle. As the officer approached us, I said "Howdy, sir!", opened the back door of my truck, and out came the network newsman with camera rolling we had brought with us.
Officer Preston Barlow froze where he stood, and it was all I could do not to blurt out as I stood my ground, "Donut"?
Flora walked around the truck to speak to him and said it was nice to see him, calling him "cousin". She explained that she was attempting, again, to ascertain whether her mother was inside and still living. She explained to Officer Barlow that she wished to file a missing persons report on her mother and he refused to do it, insisting she was fine.
Flora asked him if he liked his new job as a police officer and he expressed that he did indeed enjoy it, then called for back up from Washington County. A Washington County Sheriff's Deputy car arrived, shortly thereafter, to block us in as well.
The camera man milling around the driveway, with tape rolling, was obviously making officer Barlow quite nervous. After his repeated refusal to fill out a missing persons report for Flora, she looked at him and said, "Well, Cousin Preston, I hope you have enjoyed this job because you're not going to get to keep it, I'll guarantee you that much".
The Washington County Deputy was very cordial and told Flora he would take the missing persons report for her, since Colorado City's Officer Barlow refused.
We were asked to clear the driveway for an incoming vehicle with an emergency and we complied by pulling the truck out and to the side of the road, where the W.C. Deputy took her report.
The clinic in Hildale receives public funding from the state of Utah and is listed on their state health department's website as a location where one can receive AIDS testing, WIC assistance and flu shots. It is, however, set behind a tall security fence, stretching right out over a road maintained by Washington County and they refuse treatment to all but loyal members of the FLDS in good standing...thus creating a 'religious test' for treatment.
Has anyone bothered to ask about the civil rights violations of the FLDS apostates who are denied medical care by this state funded medical clinic?
How ironic that Preston Barlow believes his civil rights have been violated.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Change of Venue

If anyone has wondered where I've been or what I've been up to, well here it is.

I've moved back to the Texas Hill Country as of this week.

2 Hours from Eldorado
1 Hour from San Antonio
1.5 Hours from Austin

I think that's a lot better than Dallas.

More info on what is going on with the YFZ Cemetery case should hopefully be posted soon.

The new place is great, chicken and dumplin's last night for dinner and one less rooster to get on my last nerve at O'dark thirty...