Thursday, May 24, 2012

SC Johnson Company Does the Right Thing

An update from my friend, Doris Hanson with the Shield and Refuge ministry, which serves those victimized by the illegal practice of polygamy:

I sent a complaint to SC Johnson Company about advertising on TLC's Sister Wives, here is their answer:

Thank you for contacting SC Johnson regarding our TV advertisements. As a family company, it is our goal to provide good, informative ads and we select those programs and/or networks that make the most sense given our consumer base. In this instance, we never intended to advertise for any of our brands during this program as its profile doesn't fit with the kinds of programs we consider. The placements were a mistake made by the network.

We appreciate that you took the time to share with us something that is important to you.


Consumer Relationship Center
SC Johnson

If you have time, please send SC Johnson Company a great big "Thank you!"

You can send them a note using the contact form. The tab is at the top of their home page here.

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