Saturday, June 16, 2012

How Predators Like Jeffs and Sandusky Groom

If you had a sick enough mind to want to manipulate a child into having sex acts with you, without complaining to anyone afterwards, what would you have to do?

You'd have to do exactly what the FLDS and Jerry Sandusky do. You would have to gain some sort of power and influence over the child's life.

A less sophisticated child rapist might simply kill them afterwards, or tell them if they tell, he will come back to kill their mommy and daddy.

But Sandusky and Jeffs were the sophisticated, civilized variety of child rapists, so they manipulated rewards.

Take a look at this 1998 FLDS run Alta Academy school reader. If this isn't grooming children to be abused, I don't know what you could consider it. They couldn't even locate a model that didn't have visible injuries to his face? They used it in the lesson! They taught these children that their hurts and pains were to be suffered silently. Does anyone else see how self serving this grooming is for pedophiles and child abusers? Anyone?

By the way, the "daddy" in this "teaching material," is now sitting in a Texas prison.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012



A customer satisfaction representative for Dean Foods, headquartered in Dallas says that they cannot help that their products are advertised on TLC’s show “Sister Wives.” Stephanie Agulera, speaking on behalf of the company which provides mostly dairy products nationwide, says because the advertising was bought on ROS, meaning “run of station” that even though they do not support the message or the lifestyle promoted on the show, that there is nothing they can do to stop TLC from running their spots during the show.

May I point out that ROS ads only run in spots that a station or network cannot sell? That’s good news! Because it means many advertisers are waking up to the fact that they do not want their company or product associated with the crime of polygamy. The bad news is that advertisers like Dean Foods are still buying the air time on a network that is empowering an organized criminal activity, which is known to harm children.

Can you please take 5 minutes of your day to write or call this Texas based company and let them know that if TLC will not accommodate them by refusing to run their ad, which empowers the crime of polygamy, during the “Sister Wives” show, you expect them to stop advertising with TLC at all?

The contact information is below. Please be respectful but let them know this will definitely alter your dairy buying choices in the future, and that you plan to share the information with your friends and family both in person and through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Dean Foods National products include brand names:
Land O’Lakes [Butter & Milk products]
Silk [Plant based drinks like soy or almond]
International Delight [Coffee creamers]
Horizon Organic [Milk]
Swiss Premium [iced tea]
TruMoo [flavored milks]

Regional dairies including:
Alta Dena

Berkerley Farms
Brown’s Dairy

Lehigh Valley
Country Fresh
Oak Farms

Meadow Brook
Meadow Gold

Model Dairy
Swiss Dairy


Robinson Dairy

T.G. Lee

You can call Dean Foods at 1-800-395-7004 (weekdays 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CT, excluding holidays).
Or write to them at:

Dean Foods Consumer Affairs
P.O. Box 961447
El Paso, TX 79996
Or email:

There excuse reads in part:
” While we do have a very comprehensive media strategy around where we place adds, (that includes excluding networks and programs that don't fit our brand values) we don't get to choose when our ads will air as it relates to specific shows. The TLC network is an ideal spot for us as we feel a large number of our consumers enjoy its programming. However the fact that our ads air during the show, Sister Wives, is not a choice that we make. We simply purchase a block of time that we'd like to have our ads on air, and the network decides when and where to post during that time frame.”

Is this “excuse” for empowering the criminal act of polygamy in line with the Dean Foods Code of Ethics? It reads in part…

We Communicate early and often
We speak with “one voice,” delivering clear, concise and consistent messages
We ensure that feedback is sought, heard and considered
There is no gap between what we say and what we do
We communicate rapidly, honestly and frequently
We share information widely and proactively

Sunday, June 10, 2012

FLDS Respect and Honesty, and Me

How honest are the FLDS and the attorneys they hire to represent them? I have no doubts about the utter dishonesty of the FLDS and their leadership. Who is that, by the way? Is it Warren Jeffs, since he is still the "president" of the company, and it IS a company. Is he still leading the FLDS' business?

Will Warren decide if Willie Jessop will or won't be written a check for $30 million after a recent court judgement? Or will Lyle Jeffs or John Wayman? Does anyone know who is running this organized crime family at this point? Is it being run from a state prison in Texas? Is it run from the YFZ?

For those of you who have never interacted, on any real life level, with active members of the FLDS, let me share a story with you.

On February 6, 2009 I traveled to the Tom Green County Courthouse, in San Angelo, to attend a hearing regarding a 12 year-old girl child in Texas custody, who was the identified victim of sexual abuse. She was the girl remembered best as the tiny child in the arms of Warren Steed Jeffs, pictured as the recipient of a deep kiss by her new "husband."

As I was getting out of my truck that day, another truck pulled in beside me, and out came two women and a man. One of the women was dressed professionally, and the other was obviously a member of the FLDS, whom I had never met. I walked some distance behind them, and the man was walking close to the FLDS woman. The two were in discussion. The professional looking woman was lugging her purse and some bags.

As the group of three reached the steps of the courthouse, I watched the man and FLDS woman start up the steps ahead of the woman I now presumed to be his assistant, since she struggled with the bags all by herself, all the way up the courthouse steps.

When I got to the top of the steps still behind them, the security guard inside the courthouse asked me to place my bag in the bin in front of me for x-ray, which I did. Then he asked if I had a cell phone, which I said I did.Then he asked me if I was an attorney, and I replied quite clearly so the group of the three in front of me could hear, "No. I'm not an attorney. I'm an anti-polygamy activist."

You could have heard a pin drop in the lobby of the courthouse. The three had stopped speaking and were staring at me. The guard explained I had to turn over my cell phone and I would sign to get it back, if I left the courthouse. I turned it over and filled in the log. Then I walked to the end of the table to wait for my bag to come through the xray machine. And I waited. Finally I said to the guard, "Excuse me but where is my green bag?" He looked at me, suddenly seeming uncomfortable and said, "I don't know. You don't have it?"

The feeling of panic that swept over me was almost indescribable as I frantically started looking around the lobby, and finally my eyes came to rest on the back of the man with the two women. There he was, standing in front of the elevator, holding MY BAG!

"He's got it!" I yelled, and pointed. The guard looked over at him and the man looked at the elevator door which was opening, and back to me, then chuckled and started walking back towards us at the x-ray table. He extended the bag out to my reach and said it was an honest mistake and he was just trying to help his friend carry things.

I took it back, standing there clutching it, and just flabbergasted at the audacity. I had, moments before, watched him completely ignore his assistant's struggles all the way up a flight of steep courthouse steps, and sheer seconds after finding out who I was, he was in possession of my bag heading for an elevator. And I was supposed to believe it was an honest mistake, because he possessed some sort of chivalrous, gentlemanly or mannerly nature? Not by my observation, he didn't.

Upon entering the court room where the hearing was to be held, I discovered the man, who had almost absconded with my bag, and the two women with him, had taken the seats at the table reserved for defendants.  I then sat right behind them on the first row. As the court room began to fill, the man decided to stand up and start introducing himself to people, "Hello, my name is Brett Pritchard, and I represent Barbara Jessop, and you are?"

The room was becoming ever more crowded and Willie Jessop came in with an FLDS woman and they sat right behind me. Then Merril Jessop came in, and came and sat right next to me. I was behind Barbara, next to Merril and backed by Willie. Mr. Pritchard eventually looked over at me and asked me who I was, and I repeated that I was an anti-polygamy activist. He sat down in his seat, threw me a backwards glance and smiled, then jokingly asked me if I were going to jump up with a sign soon and start protesting in the courtroom. I leaned back, crossed my arms, smiled and said, "Oh, no sir. That's not my style. That's not my style at all."

That was the hearing where I watched Texas give that child to a polygamist relative. That was the hearing where I sat behind a woman who had knowingly and willingly handed her baby over to be raped by a pedophile, because she believes he is a "prophet." Did I think about reaching out and yanking her head backwards by that long braid? Heck yes! But I didn't do it.

I think the real question here, considering the record of the FLDS and those who work for them should be, 'What will they not do?'

I will leave it to the FLDS to decide what my style is, but no one, not the FLDS and not the state of Texas can say that I have not acted in a respectful manner, especially considering what I have so far got back for my efforts.

Polygamy and Pedophelia: The Connection

Men who believe with everything in them, their access to sex with the most number of women in this life is going to provide access in the afterlife to more limitless sex, are doing it from a desire for power. That is indeed the promise of both Mormonism and Islam.

Islam promises 72 virgins for those who have martyred themselves for Islam. That's why Nidal Hasan obviously wasn't afraid to die at Fort Hood. He is a martyr for Islam now. He has a complete [in his mind anyway] golden ticket to unlimited access to sex with multiple women in "paradise," should we put him to death, which we should, promptly. But I'm harsh and old fashioned like that, and I suppose I believe people who are treasonous to their country should be put to death.

Mormonism makes the same promise but adds the twist that they are required to practice 'the principle' of polygamy here on earth, in order to get their own planet and have limitless sexual relations with their "wives," in the afterlife. The women whose destiny is to be always pregnant by their "husband and god" so as to give birth perpetually to spirit children to populate the planet he is god over, will not be taken to this "heaven" unless their "husband/god" calls them to it after death.

So she can't even get to heaven without her husband's permission. That means in this life, she's got to "keep sweet" and press on...or she'll never get to the next one where she gets to be one of his multiple goddesses.

I'm sure none of this is getting any more appealing for the feminists I know. But what does any of it have to do with pedophilia you might ask.

We all know pornography is addictive for some men. What they start with is mild and they move on to wild, and some of them cannot stop until they have moved on to ever wilder thoughts of children. To any real feminist the idea that Hue Hefner has been good for women, or liberating for them in some way is utterly ridiculous.The man has done nothing but debase womanhood.

But let us move on now to the real victims of these sexualized religious beliefs: the children. Children raised to believe that their highest purpose in life is their sexuality are inevitably raised to be utterly obedient and submissive to the will of their religious leaders.

If a man is a pedophile in our society, he will most often start abusing his own children. they are in his home, under his authority and sheltered from prying eyes. Once his children have reached a developmental point where they are no longer sexually appealing to a true pedophile, he will stop the physical abuse and must now take a risk to find another victim. He must move on from the safety of the controlled environment of his home and become a teacher or a troop leader or a coach or a youth group leader or Sunday school instructor, or your best friend next door. This is when most of them, if they ever are caught, are finally identified.

But imagine you are a fundamentalist polygamist, with four or five "wives" and 17-23 children. You never have to leave your home for your next victim.

Marital Monogamy, found in traditional marriage, is for the protection of women and children. Any real feminist, meaning someone who cares about what happens to women in society, would take the time to do the research, which shows monogamy is the basic building block of a family unit with the most chance at perpetuating a society that is equal for all mankind. Even the pagan Romans knew as much.

I will never forget my friend Flora telling me that her whole life she knew she would never ever have more than two children. When I asked her, "Why?" she said, "Because that's all you can carry."

Take a look at this thread I found where current and former residents of Pinesdale discuss the rampant sexual abuse of their children in the AUB. This is the same sect the TLC's Kody Brown polygamists belong to, right now. Here.

You can read more about the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB) here.

Q: Why couldn't TLC show Kody and Robyn's wedding ceremony? Why could no other family members even attend parts of their AUB ceremony?
A: Because parts of the AUB Mormon marriage ceremony are performed in the nude. These nude rituals in the AUB ceremony, have caused severe emotional trauma for many AUB women, who had no idea that on their wedding day they would be asked to strip nude and submit to the "blessing" of their most private bodily parts by AUB church leadership.

Friday, June 8, 2012

The YFZ Cemetery Saga Continues

The following is the text of a letter I've sent to the Texas Funeral Services Commission this week. On June 9, 2009 I was refused access to the YFZ Ranch Cemetery. I have been patiently waiting for almost three years for Texas to protect my right as a citizen to visit any cemetery during daylight hours, and to be given reasonable ingress and egress in accordance with state law. Although I requested mediation on this issue, none has yet been offered or scheduled.

FLDS attorney, Amy Hennington, in a letter to the TSFC accused me of "mocking" the FLDS when I put on a long sleeve shirt and long skirt to visit the cemetery.


I was not mocking the FLDS when I put on a skirt


I am including the text, and a link to this story that was published the week after my attempt to visit the YFZ Cemetery. As you can see from the news article, dressing in accordance with their "standards" was not a way to "mock" them. The UEP proposal put forth by the FLDS was, of course, rejected because it was a clear violation of the civil rights of non-and ex-members. No town has a right to declare how you should be dressed for cemetery visits, nor do they have a Constitutional right to have a church Bishop decide what books can be seen from a public street window.

The FLDS regularly violates the Civil and Constitutional rights of non and ex-members of the FLDS. That can be seen, clearly, from this documented proposal.

The proposal, which included the dress restrictions for cemetery visits, was made less than a week after my attempt to visit the FLDS controlled YFZ cemetery.

As for mocking them with my signage I offered to remove? Well, last time I checked, whether Utah plans to enforce the law or not [and they don't], the practice of polygamy is a felony in all 50 states of our union. If her description were accurate then anyone with signage proposing that illegal drug use is bad, is "mocking" drug users.

I also find it quite ironic that an attorney for the FLDS would put it in writing to a state agency that the active practicing of a felony is part of their client's religion. Wow! Has AG Greg Abbott, or special prosecutor Eric Nichols seen her letter?

AG's office files proposal to end litigation over polygamous trust land
By Ben Winslow
Published June 15, 2009

SALT LAKE CITY -- The Utah Attorney General's Office has filed a proposal to end massive litigation over the real estate arm of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
The proposal calls for a lot of land in the border towns of Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Ariz., to be returned to the polygamous sect.

In a letter of intent and a proposal obtained by KSL NewsRadio on Monday, the Utah Attorney General's Office said it would like to see a pair of farms returned to the FLDS. Some land on the outskirts of town would be handed over to non-FLDS members.
"FLDS will complete the survey and division expeditiously," the letter said.
The attorney general's proposal also calls for the town cemetery and a park to be returned to the FLDS.

Ex-members and non-members can have "reasonable access to visit graves, but conduct and dress to be in compliance with FLDS standards."

A library would also be built in town, but anything visible from outside would have to meet "FLDS standards as determined by the Bishop."

The proposal is meant to settle litigation filed by FLDS members over the reformed United Effort Plan (UEP) Trust. In 2005, a judge in Salt Lake City's 3rd District Court took over the trust over allegations that FLDS leader Warren Jeffs and others mismanaged it. The judge appointed a fiduciary, Bruce Wisan, to manage it.

For years, the FLDS were relatively silent as the once communal property was dissolved in favor of private property ownership. FLDS members ignored the changes and rules instituted by the fiduciary. Then they sued, arguing the reforms violated their right to freely practice their religion by consecrating their property.
A "stand down" was initiated after lawsuits when the fiduciary sought to sell some land to pay outstanding bills. The FLDS claimed the land was prophesized to be a temple site. The UEP Trust controls homes and property in Hildale, Colorado City and Bountiful, British Columbia in Canada.

The proposal calls for Wisan to be replaced, and a neutral advisory board made up of appointees by both FLDS and non-FLDS members. "This shows our best efforts," said Paul Murphy, a spokesman for Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.

A judge must ultimately sign off on the proposal, but Wisan has already objected, arguing in court papers that it violates the reforms enacted by the courts when the trust was taken over. The Arizona Attorney General's Office has also objected, ex-FLDS members also have concerns over the proposal.
"It's all slanted towards the FLDS," said Katie Cox, who lives on UEP land and is on a court-appointed advisory board for the reformed trust.

For their part, FLDS members said in a court filing that they essentially agreed with much of the proposal. "We're very close to agreement with the Utah Attorney General's Office," said Rod Parker, an attorney for FLDS members.

The FLDS also paid $192,000 to the courts on Monday, as required by a judge for occupancy fees and housing costs. Attorneys said it was a good faith effort to keep negotiations ongoing.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Faux Feminism

There is a new column up at the Salt lake Tribune by Peg Mcentee titled:‘Sister Wives’ lawsuit opens window on modern polygamy' You can read the entire column, and I hope you will, here.
Among other things, Ms. Mcentee says,

"I have to say, I debated with myself at length upon hearing that the "Sister Wives" family won’t face felony bigamy charges in Utah County," and "What I finally realized is that, as a fervent backer of gay rights, including marriage, I could not gainsay the right of one straight man and four straight women to live together as their beliefs and convictions guide them."

I could go on forever but I am simply, for the most part, going to post the reply I left on the Tribune discussion board: 

There is so much wrong here that I'm not even sure where to start. But let's start with the sustainability of the polygamy lifestyle. Peggy, are you aware that every last adult member of the Brown family has at one time or another filed for bankruptcy, or that right up until the start of their very successful show, the family was on public assistance? Of course they are no longer on food stamps, thanks to TLC. But I would hazard a guess that TLC does not have a budget to support the rest of the tens of thousands of polygamists in Utah and Arizona. Have we seen Kody and his harem manage to get jobs yet? Their reality doesn't really seem so "real." Have you ever looked at a chart showing the food stamp payout to Colorado City, Arizona, Peggy? They get $8 in government benefits for every $1 they pay in taxes. I have seen "families" in Utah that collect more that $30,000 a month in food stamp benefits. That's because they are all single mothers, don't you know. The pain, the horrible pain suffered by women in the AUB, the Kingstons, the LeBarons and many other polygamist sects is very real, Peggy. I could go on...
But let's move on to the other polygamy you now have to approve of, Peggy, since you seem to care about fairness so much. What about Muslim polygamy, Peggy? Our feminist sisters in the middle east are signing petitions, asking for the banning of the practice, 80% are opposed to it and more than 70% of Muslim first wives say their input was not sought before their husbands brought home a new "wife," even though by Muslim law they are supposed to be required to obtain the first wife's permission. Did you know that 20% of the homeless population in Iraq's large cities are comprised of the cast off second, third, fourth wives and their children that the men no longer wish to support? or how about the woman in New York City who was so tired at work her physician employer finally pulled her aside to ask what the problem was, and she explained that her husband had recently brougt home a new "bride" from Pakistan, and now she and her three-year-old were sleeping on the floor of the living room, so the new "wife" could share her husband's bed. It used to be her bed.

Please hang out the welcome mat for the estimated 50,000 American Muslims illegally practicing polygamy in America. I think they should ALL move to be with you in Utah, where they will be quite safe abusing their women and children.

Please, Peggy, keep thinking!


Welcome to the new faux feminism. It has absolutely nothing to do with the welfare of women, and everything to do with a left wing liberal agenda: Women and children be damned!