Monday, October 18, 2010

Is Mohave County Corrupt?

And now ladies and gentlemen, I ask a simple question. Is Mohave County, Arizona corrupt? You can decide the answer.

According to an article in the Kingman Daily Miner, officials raided the headquarters of the Colorado City/Hildale Fire Departments on April 6th of this year.

According to facts made public in the case, investigators were acting on a tip from a caller about fire department personnel using the department's credit card, allegedly for personal expenses.

The laundry list of items investigators found charged to the department included some of the following provided by the Kingman Daily Miner:

List of items purchased using fire district funds

• Multiple dinner purchases in St. George, Utah, at restaurants such as Ruby River and Steak and Seafood. One purchase on Oct. 17, 2007, was for $288.54.

• Twenty $15 gift certificates from Dezereta - a local gas station.

• Fifteen $15 gift certificates from Garden Gate, Inc. - a business owned by Colorado City Manager David Darger.

• $575 for 100 candy gift boxes to Jill Johnson Special Manufacturing.

• Several receipts for food from Big Dan's Drive Thru and Vermilion Candy Shoppe/Fine Restaurant. Both are located in Colorado City.

• 30 purchases at the Cooperative Mercantile during February 2008, with five purchases made on Feb. 4, 2008, and seven made on Feb. 19, 2008. The Mercantile is the only general store in Colorado City.

• Eight purchases at Dezereta gas station on Christmas Day 2007.

• Two meal purchases on July 2, 2008, for $102.46 at Steak and Seafood and $156.68 at the Claim Jumper in St. George.

• $328.61 in purchases made with Turbo Tax between February 2004 and January 2009. According to the affidavit, fire districts do not need to use tax software.

• Credit card charges for gas, food and lodging (three rooms for two nights for six people) for a trip to Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. This was on top of $270 given to district personnel to cover all trip expenses. According to the affidavit, local fire departments weren't holding training events during that time.

• 15 purchases from March 2004 to January 2009 to, a Web-based computer parts and electronics store. The purchases were delivered to a personal address in Colorado City.

• Another 120 purchases made by Fire Chief Jake Barlow worth $25,000 made to between June 2004 to August 2008 and delivered to a property owned by the fire district.

• $22,907.50 worth of merchandise purchased at Costco between September 2004 and August 2008, including:

• A leather sofa for $889.99

• A desk for $749.99

• A lateral file for $259.99

• A two-door bookcase for $274.99

• A computer workstation and armoire for $1,151.02.

• Six spiral hams for $20.48, $20.41, $25.76, $24.98, 19.30 and $20.52.

• Two Turbo Tax Premier plus State editions for $59.99 each

• Two iPod like music devices for $129.99 and $109.99

• Two leather sofas for $789.99 each

• A 250 GB port for the iPod devices for $139.99

• More than $100 in candy

• Seven 24 ounce Wild Alaskan King Salmon items for $121.73

• A one terabit external hard drive for $279.99

• 17 units of Dove assorted mini chocolates for $169.83

• 19 units of Chocolate Delicate Squares for $187.72

• 18 units of Chocolates of the World for $206.82

• Three digital picture frames for $419.97 (less $120 in coupons)

• Four fresh hen turkeys for $11.70, $11.47, $11.49 and $11.28

• Four units of shrimp at $79.96 each

From June 2007 to September 2008, the district purchased $13,865.96 at Sam's Club including:

• 40 Danish hams for $286.80

• Two chocolate gift towers for $19.87 each

• Two oversized throws for $14.47 each

• Fresh salmon filets for $21.70

• A queen mattress pad for $24.84

• Diapers for $26.88

• A six-pack of briefs for $8.88

• Four pairs of men's socks for $9.47

• A baby jumpsuit for $6.88

• A fleece-lined hoodie for $24.23

• An iPod dock alarm clock for $79.47

• Orange Roughy fillets for $13.46

• Two eight-packs of bath towels for $19.88 each

• A 12-pack of hand towels for $13.87

• A 24-pack of washcloths for $10.83.

• A king-sized set of sheets at $49.84

• Line bath towel for $11.76

• In December 2007, Jake Barlow purchased $1,500 in food from Sam's Club and Costco while an additional $837 was spent at local eateries.

• Records from January 2008 show Barlow spent $537 at Costco for food and $1,460 at local eateries in Colorado City.

According to a volunteer firefighter, the district's fire stations are not equipped with sleeping quarters or kitchens.

Now, let's fast forward six months, since none of us has heard a single word about the investigation or any possible charges...

After contacting a reliable source in Mohave County, they made inquiry with the Mohave County Attorney's Office to see what has been done, and the answer my friends, six months later?

According to an article in today's Mohave Valley Daily News:

"Deputy Mohave County Attorney James Schoppman said, the case is still being reviewed by his office for criminal charges against Barlow or Darger. The computers are being examined by experts from the state’s Attorney General’s Office and the Arizona Department of Public Safety in Phoenix.

6 months. Move along folks, nothin' to see here...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Muslim Polygamy in America

Watching this, or interviews with the Browns of TLC's Sister Wives, one comes away with the same explanation from the ladies of the doctrine of submission. 'It is my god's will so I will live in submission to it, even though I admit it hurts me and creates pain in my life that even I can't explain or understand.'

And both seem to have the same answer, too. "My suffering will be rewarded by my god, and it is not for me to question my god's prophet for making me suffer, so I must submit and learn to keep sweet, it is making me a better person."

So I guess life will be better when they're dead?

That's some high goals, girls.

And while they fit very nicely into Sharia law, they have no place in a free country for women. You do not have the right to raise little American girls to submit to the felony crime of polygamy, in exchange for their spiritual salvation.

Those aren't constitutional goals, so good luck with that at the SCOTUS.

Abuse isn't a recognized religion.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Freedom or Submission

The two are an interesting contrast. I read an article written by an atheist this morning, and was interested to see his concern that America would turn into a theocracy. When asked how he pictured a theocracy, he then named Saudi Arabia as an example of his fear.

I worry for intellectuals like this one.

I worry because the ignorance of history is so complete it's, frankly, embarrassing as a fellow American.

In order to have a theocracy everyone in the group must submit to a religious leader and one common religious law. That's how theocracies work.

America, founded by Christian thinkers, based government on the people, and directly declared that this was a just legal model, based on the self evident truth that all men [mankind] were endowed certain inalienable rights, specifically by their Creator.

By naming names, a Creator, they said all mankind is born free. Mankind is meant to be free. It is the natural order of things for every human being to belong only to himself and to G-d. No other human being, institution or government has any natural or contrived right to own another human being. To believe that the founding fathers of our nation didn't consciously know they had created a system of government that would doom slavery among any of mankind following its principles is a stretch beyond my imagination.

LIBERTY cannot ever be taken away from man without due process of the civil law, because liberty is a natural right. No one on earth gave it to you, so no one on earth is supposed to take it from you, unless you have committed crimes that justify the removal of your liberty in order to both punish you, and to protect other citizens from your lawlessness.

The founders of our country believed that only a good people could ever make this system of government work. That's why they believed it would work here, because most people in our country were good.

Their common faith was a bedrock of making the system work. I listened in utter astonishment when President Obama claimed that the history of America was also a Muslim history. Then I cried when I saw an American president bow before a foreign king for the first time in our entire history as a nation.

He bowed before a Saudi King.

He bowed to the monarch of a country that follows Muslim Sharia law and has a history of sentencing women to lashes for the crime of being raped without four male witnesses to the actual rape. That is the law there, you know. Sharia law requires a woman to have four male witnesses to prove she was raped. Otherwise she is just a whore who got what she deserved.

Why would anyone deserve this? According to Sharia law she deserves it, because she failed to submit to the law that says she must always be covered and never alone with any man who is not related to her directly.

So the president of a nation, founded by thinkers who followed a faith that bestowed the most individual and high level of liberty in human history drags us down to the level of a system defined by submission?

The words Muslim, the word for an adherent of Islam, and Islam are grammatical derivatives of the Arabic verb meaning "surrender, submit".

All of mankind must submit to Sharia law for the aims of their god to be fulfilled, and that is how world peace will finally be achieved, when we have all submitted. That is how every Muslim can tell you with a straight face that Islam is the religion of peace. They genuinely believe it.

Submission does not create freedom, although in the world of Muslim apologists, who argue that Sharia law is the perfect law for all mankind, submission IS freedom.

This same belief is held by Mormon fundamentalists in the American west, although their allegiance is to a different god; one who requires the submission to polygamy for ultimate eternal salvation.

The women of the FLDS, AUB, Biblical Families, House of Yahwh and assorted independents have all been brought up to believe in the same sort of submission.

When their hearts break and their relationships are over they cannot go to the LDS Church, because they have already been excommunicated from it for having their polygamy exposed.

So there is no food, no shelter, no sustenance available in the greater community. They can file for public benefits. If they are lucky they can find a job and if they are really lucky, with the help of the Safety Net Committee they can find you another polygamous husband.

The Safety Net did everything but help a woman leave. They paid for counseling to help "keep families together". They paid for conferences, where they could discuss how to get their membership signed up for food stamps without fear of prosecution, and discussion panels on how to get polygamy organized, and trips to Texas to educate our attorneys and child protection staffs on how to be culturally sensitive to the felony crime of polygamy.

The state funded Safety Net Committee has never helped a single woman or child get out of polygamy. Instead, they have used their funds to locate, assess and coordinate with the Brown Family to launch a national PR campaign via the TLC cable channel, designed to achieve the decriminalization of polygamy as their end.

The state funded program? Um, gee, actually I think federal dollars were appropriated for the Safety Net Committee to address the needs of women seeking to leave the polygamous lifestyle, weren't they?

So let me get this straight. The Attorney general of Utah took federal dollars and gave them to the Safety Net Committee, then he personally met with all those who conspired with the Browns to create an acceptable and well publicized test case, to purposefully break the federal laws against polygamy...

Yep, I'd say that's a federal case.

Will the FBI and the Department of Justice ignore this?

Anyone? Anyone?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Liberty or Death

There she is, the symbol carried into the battle of San Jacinto, sent to us with courage, love and prayers, many prayers, from the women of Kentucky and Ohio.

Look at what the mothers of Texas freedom sent to us. They called her the goddess of liberty. This was period high art, rich with symbolism, crafted to hold meaning for us all, as free Texas women.

Is she sitting down, or is she standing up? One can see her as preparing to do either, really. She could be in the process of sitting down to peacefully enjoy her victory or she could be in the process of standing up, to defend her liberty.

And as Judge Andrew Napolitano was recently quoted as saying, "It's liberty or death! It is not liberty or safety!" If the government gives you safety but not liberty it is a tyrant.

Interesting that the Safety Net Committee, which is funded with Utah resident's tax dollars has never assisted one single woman or child to leave polygamy.

Their funds, resources, assets and energy all seem to have gone into a concerted effort to find a family and contribute to its commission and advertising of a felony.

All this, while I have met and seen women who have fled exactly this group of polygamists.

Congratulations, now you are all out with your intentions. Now let me explain ours.

Texas will remain a free state for women, where anyone who carries the designation of "wife" is equal to her male husband in the eyes of the LAW.

Equal. Not 1/3 or 1/5 or 1/19th of an invested party in the legal union, but 1/2.

If I am a married woman, in the state of Texas, I am an equal.

Don't tell us that there aren't women who are desperate to get out of the AUB, of which the Brown family are members. Don't try to tell me that your "Safety Net" is there to help THEM. We know better.

So here is my intention for the state of Texas.

Texas is a free state for women, not a concubine state.

We have a legal system and a non corrupt law enforcement team, which has proven it will use the law to PROTECT women and children.

So to any woman in the American west, or in any American city hiding under a hijab too, if you can read these words, and you want out, contact us. We will help you escape polygamy and get you to the only place you seem to have a prayer, Texas.

We will get you and your children here to Texas and we will arrange hiding for you for at least six months, until you and your children are qualified for Texas citizenship. We will get you protected.

Yes, take a good look at her, she is no concubine.

She has never traded her liberty for her safety.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Browns

At this link you can find a very long interview with the Brown family.

They mentioned a "Risk Assessment" study, performed by activists associated with Utah's state funded program called the Safety Net Committee. This was in preparation for a SCOUTUS challenge to the federal polygamy laws. The Utah Attorney General was a participant in helping to prepare this family for a public challenge to the law.

This assessment was performed, to vet the most "normal" family possible for this television program.

You will notice that they described the TLC camera's presence in their lives as scheduled and arranged. You will also notice that if the children in the family seem disturbed, depressed, emotional or withdrawn, footage of such an episode in a child's life is deliberately excluded.

So, in REALITY, the viewer is never going to see the truth of the results and effects of POLYGAMY.

What exactly is reality about that?

And it also seems that the leading law enforcement official in the state of Utah has conspired to assist this group to commit the crime of Bigamy.

Gee, again I smell a RICCO that the feds will just ignore....I can hear the snoring sounds from their direction right now.

"This is the only law we break."

Oh boy! Can I pick one, just one felony I can do, too?

Liars! Who Knew?

For anyone who thinks that the Brown "family" was shocked by the launch of a bigamy investigation, as you can see here, they have yanked your chain. One year ago, Christine Brown revealed her political agenda and it did indeed include putting her "family" at risk for prosecution.

Way to go main stream media. Let's not even bother with some simple due diligence. I notice that even Ben Winslow failed to point this out, and it was his story.

9/28/2010 8:52 AM PDT by TMZ Staff
"TMZ just received a statement from the Brown family -- saying, "We are disappointed in the announcement of an investigation, but when we decided to do this show, we knew there would be risks."


Ben Winslow FOX 13 News Reporter 9:39 PM MDT, September 27, 2009,0,919279.story

"Because of that, we're stuck," said Brown.

"So you want to be charged, in a way?" she was asked by Fox 13's Ben Winslow.

"Bring it on," Brown replied. "Kind of. We need a test case. We need it decriminalized. People need to see that there are families out there that would be a good representation of the plural communities and we just live our lives like everybody else and that's the only law we break."