Friday, October 21, 2011

Like Hell I Won't

On Wednesday night I spent the evening at a security briefing by John Guandolo.

He covered a bunch of stuff I already knew.

During Q&A I asked him, in light of Daniel Pipes', with the Middle East Forum, assertion that polygamy is the most prevalent and dangerous aspect of Shariah law that the U.S. faces today, what did he think the federal government should do? I plainly identified myself as an anti-polygamy activist.

He shook his finger at me, strongly, and told me polygamy was not an issue and "You will not stop polygamy! You cannot stop polygamy!"

As you might imagine, I've been ruminating on that one for a while now. I walked out of that briefing, not upset, but resolute.

I'm certainly not surprised that this is the federal government's position on polygamy now. I'd just never heard one of them come right out and say it--out loud--for real.

The funny thing was as he was shaking that finger at me I wasn't thinking, "Oh no! What shall I do?" I was thinking, "Screw you, Bubba, screw you."

That's about what I left thinking of him, too.

I've tried telling people that the feds are already absolutely corrupt to the crime of polygamy, and people just look at me as though I have announced I was once abducted by an alien race... It's too much for them to process. The implications are too... well, nasty.

The subjugation of American women and children into a harmful form of slavery based on nothing but religious beliefs, called polygamy, is for some inexplicable reason considered not only harmless to women and children but something of "a right" for some men, as long as they continue to operate the whole slavery scam on a religious pretext... Good grief.

The only useful new information I learned at that "security briefing" Wednesday night, with Mr. Guandolo, is that the federal government has decided not to prosecute polygamy as a crime..and is now, obviously, with the nomination of Judge David Nuffer going to really rub it in all our faces.

I don't have anything else nice to say about Mr. Guandolo or the federal government, so I should probably just stop here but you know I won't.

I think I understand you, now:

Like Hell we won't, Mr. Guandolo. Hide and watch.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

AAAP Cause Bracelets Have Arrived!

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