Monday, February 14, 2011

The debate goes national

The comments on this story, so far, are quite discouraging. The good news is that Mr. Heck, a Christian, is showing extraordinary courage in addressing this issue. I'd hope that anyone who follows this blog, or this issue, will visit the American Thinker over the next few days and help enlighten the public on the real issues surrounding the abuse of polygamy.

American Thinker
The Polygamists Make Their Move

By Peter Heck
The debate over whether or not those practicing homosexuality should be eligible to obtain the legal status of "married" for their same-sex relationships is persistently mischaracterized by activists on both sides as an attempt to redefine marriage. For those opposing such a move, this is most likely an error of ignorance, while for those favoring, it likely is an intentional tactic of misdirection. To be clear, in order to "redefine" anything, there must be an alternative definition being advocated. To this point, no such proposed substitute has emerged.... (Read Full Article)

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  1. Lawrence vs Texas open the door on same sex marriages and with it, polygamy was offered that same door. The gay movement denied a similiarity, however all justice the same, gender tossed out the door has brought us to this current debate. Logically the science of procreation denied by 2 males or 2 females, may be less logical than 1 male and several females, offering polygamous the better arguement!

    However the inequity of a selection ratio and availaability historically has led to social declines, when single men more isolated lacked a female partner, aggresive behavior has led to greater unrest and a less cohesive society.

    As Winston Blackmore in Canada instructed 2 of his sister wives to marry, another addition to the equation is the exponential cross or horizontal connections that could bankrupt any social support system. If Winston could be married to 27 women at one time and those women married to others, men or women, how large could a family structure become? Custody rights and issues, inheretance, spousal support, divorce, insurance coverage, etc. would all be subject to protestions under such marriage laws. Job protection for attorneys, but room for greater welfare abuse, along with less equity for the partners and children of those unions or partnerships.

    It would be a nightmare if legalized! It was good timing in Canada, the release of marriage unions with underage transported minors. Canada is now rethinking the issues of child abuse.