Monday, February 21, 2011

ALERT! Here they come!

Immigrants involved in multiple marriage watching polygamy test case: imam

Marten Youssef, The Canadian Press

Read'em and weep.

Now might be a good time to remind everyone what Flora and I have been saying for the last 6 years. This is the essay we wrote that former Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard backed out of challenging.

Polygamy: Gateway to American Sharia

Polygamy should be prosecuted because it is the largest gateway to the practice of Sharia law in our country today. Fundamentalist Mormons may say polygamy doesn't hurt anyone but that is not the reality reflected in dozens of studies by medical and mental health professionals, worldwide. Polygamy has been studied in multiple countries, with the same results. Polygamy leads to statistically higher negative outcomes for women and children everywhere it is practiced. These outcomes include higher incidences of poverty, molestation, child and spouse abandonment, incest, child marriage, depression and divorce.

We cannot as a free and democratic nation governed by laws allow small groups of people to form operational theocracies, where the rights of women and children are trampled in the name of the religious freedom to keep women in concubinage. How dare we tell the people of Afghanistan that we know more about freedom than they, and then encourage immigrant cultures coming to our country to hold onto, rather than let go of traditions which infringe on the human rights of women. 70% of Muslim women who are first wives say their spouse took the second wife without their knowledge or consent, even though that is never supposed to happen in Islam. How can we as Americans look at the women coming to our shores from countries where they never dreamed of the right even to uncover their faces and say, "Here too, when your husband wants to bring another woman home, there is nothing you can do but live with it, because we are such a tolerant people.” There are more Muslims practicing the felony crime of polygamy in America, using Mohammed as their excuse, than there are Fundamentalist Mormons using Joseph Smith. What do they all have in common? They show a flagrant disregard for U.S. law in favor of their own culture of abuse, justified by their religion.

American Muslim polygamy has only started to grow and yet it already exceeds the estimated 32,000 fundamentalist Mormons engaging in the practice today. It took the fundamentalist Mormons 100 years to get here, yet it has taken Muslims in America less than a single generation to overtake them in numbers.

Refusing to prosecute polygamy will open the flood gates for Sharia based Muslim polygamy to grow to European levels here in the United States, quickly.


  1. Polygamy cases are real, with real victim children, real victim spouses, and has disastrous financial consequences to some abused spouses. Polygamy is not just amongst Muslims only (talking to Muslim haters here), but also amongst Christians living double and triple lives, getting married twice and three times. Don’t be surprised, you are reading this correctly, this in US Churches (not just Utah), with the knowledge of the US Federal and State governments, that have no interest in prosecuting, but defends polygamists, while keeping info as a secret, with the excuse of protecting privacy rights. The State of New Jersey is also pro-polygamy and so is the USCIS, DHS, and ICE, which are all US Federal Government Agencies. The State of New Jersey hides and protects records, at the Bureau of Vital Statistics, so does the USCIS (don't even attempt a FOIA request) and makes it quite impossible to discover / convict a polygamist spouse. In 1996, the Church, St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church, in East Brunswick, NJ, (brides and grooms beware), Father Bishoy Dimetrius “deceased and burning in hell”, has knowingly married a woman, Maha Mourad Hanna, to another man from Silver Spring, MD, while Father Bishoy Dimetrius “deceased and burning in hell”, the St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church, were aware, that Maha Mourad Hanna was already married in 1994 (with no divorce), to a man named Anthony Stacey, living in Trenton, NJ. Federal and state governments do not wish to provide evidence that demonstrates system failures, immigration fraud, tax fraud and the failure to track how many times people got married, to whom, and what’s their current marital status in the US. In New Jersey, you may pay your fee for marriage and get married as many times as you want in New Jersey, or just go to another state and get married, without getting divorces, as long as your other spouses don't catch you. Sounds pretty wild, doesn't it?.

  2. For those getting married at that church, Saint Mary Coptic Orthodox Church of Middlesex County
    433 Riva Ave, East Brunswick, NJ, I would make sure your fiance isn't married to another person. This church, in 1996, Father Bishoy Demitrious and Father Antonious Tanious have knowingly married a man to a woman that they already knew was a married woman, facilitating a crime called bigamy. Father Bishoy has died, his wife is still hiding church documents, but Father Antonious knows about the crime, you may ask him about the bigamist woman he married to another man. I would stay away from getting married in that church.

  3. Please consider signing this petition so a National Marriage and Divorces database maybe funded by the USG, to fight Bigamy, so bigamists maybe caught and held accountable in court. Widest dissemination is encouraged, please forward to freinds and family.