Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jeffs' "special needs" are fulfilled

So this week we were treated to the news that Warren Jeffs has finally found an attorney to fulfill his "special needs".

Who is Jeff Kearney from Fort Worth? It seems he is an attorney who specializes in fighting for some of the lowest scum to crawl the earth. He successfully defended one of the Branch Davidians from charges he killed a federal agent. The Branch Davidians were another group practicing polygamy and raping children. And Kearney unsuccessfully defended a Muslim client from Richardson, Texas; Hazim Elashi, who was co-owner of the Richardson-based company, InfoCom Corp, and one of five brothers convicted of doing business with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas [See above for their philosophy of life and the value of children].

"Hazim and Ihsan were convicted in the first of two trials on charges outlined in an indictment that also charged the defendants sent money to defendant Mousa Abu Marzook, an investor in Infocom and a self-admitted leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement, a/k/a Hamas." Read the DOJ press release here.

I've had so many survivors of polygamy tell me that they see the FLDS as "The American Taliban." It makes so much sense that Jeffs would look for representation from someone very highly experienced defending what is essentially the indefensible.


  1. This is very interesting, and I probably concur with many of your views, but I assume I have missed something. Just so I have some context, could you briefly discuss what qualifications you have to be offering public comment on polygamy and its surrounding issues?

  2. I don't think anyone needs any special qualifications to offer public comment on anything in this country. If you are perhaps interested in how I came to be familiar with the abuse of women through the practice of polygamy, I can answer that for you.

    In 2005 I accepted a position as a staff reporter for Murphy Broadcasting in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The city is located in Mohave County, home to the largest concentration of polygamists in the country. The reporter whose place I was taking handed me a stack of folders and said, "Oh yeah, Colorado City is your beat."

    From there I started meeting victims and survivors, and collecting data on the large number of uninvestigated child deaths in the polygamist community, as well as investigating the corrupt political climate in the states of Arizona and Utah, which has allowed the felony practice to continue unabated for 100 years now.

    I came home to Texas to make sure these abuses and corruptions do not spread here. For while many of the victims of polygamy have bought the lie that decriminalization will help the relatives they left behind, I have never found a shred of scientific data to support such a complete fallacy.

    I intend to leave a free state behind for my great grand daughters to enjoy, not a concubine state where they can be coerced into concubinage by religious wolves, which is nothing more than simple slavery for women.

    Hope that helps.

  3. Yes, thank you, I greatly appreciate your response. I agree that everyone has the right to comment publicly on anything, I just like to have some context as to where the person is coming from and how they got involved. These issues are central to my family and family history and I come from a long line of ancestors imprisoned over this issue (I am not saying it was not right for them to be incarcerated), including the first woman I believe ever arrested for this. I don't defend polygamy or underage marriage but I do hope you have researched this issue from both sides. Just fight the good fight with good research and information and not sarcasm or judgment. I must admit that I have never participated in a blog before, and my inexperience is probably showing. Thank you so much for caring enough to respond. I will look forward to monitoring your site in the future.

    From Idaho.

  4. Dear Idaho,

    If you are interested in real research please feel free to visit Yahoo Groups and request admission to our Yahoo Group, listed under TripleAP Group. You are more than welcome to open a Yahoo mail account for yourself using a pseudonym if you like. I will approve the request when it comes in.

    There you will find one empirical research study after another, done all around the world, showing that polygamy always produces higher negative outcomes for women and children than monogamy.

    Those are hard scientifically gathered facts, not judgments, opinions or sarcasm. Facts, just facts.

    I'd say I'm sorry your family members suffered for their actions but I'd be lying, because if even one single child had an opportunity to escape such a life because an adult doing it was removed from their life for a while, at least long enough to create even a small avenue for escape, it was worth it.

    I too come from a long line of ancestors who were attacked by the federal government and imprisoned or killed for their belief that they were entitled by G-d to own other human beings. But at least they did not convince their slaves that unless they remained in slavery they would burn in eternal Hell, or be doomed to slavery to others in eternity.

    G-d bless you. You are welcome here.

  5. Your words "you are welcome here" brought tears. Thank you. I would love to join the open discussion, but I just don't think I'm ready yet.