Friday, February 25, 2011

Shocking new details in polygamists child sex trafficking

I truly wish I could say the title of this story fits but it doesn't. Flora Jessop and I have been exchanging text for the last two days making fun of the headlines. The FBI, RCMP, officials in Mohave County, Arizona and Hildale, Utah, U.S. Justice Department and elected officials from city levels all the way to the U.S. Congress and Senate have been repeatedly informed of these problems for more than a decade.

G-d bless Daphne Braham for keeping the faith. And G-d bless Canada for finally paying attention. But most of all G-d Bless Texas for it's courage and conviction. Thank you Governor Perry, Attorney General Greg Abbott, Representatives Hilderbran and Darby, and special prosecutors Eric Nichols and Angela Goodwin.

So even if Flora and I are not so shocked, maybe the rest of the world will finally be shocked at the truth of what Utah and Arizona have helped cover up for years.

Polygamy is abuse.

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