Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Browns of TLC: Back to the Future of Polygamy

In 2005 I arrived in Mohave County to find the largest decriminalized polygamy experiment in the United States well underway in Colorado City and Centennial Park, Arizona. This was the reality of how polygamy worked. Once I saw this spread sheet, provided to me by a Mohave County elected official, I no longer had to wonder how polygamy worked. It obviously works, because we pay them to keep working it.

The government's generous subsidies, provided to women who file as 'single unmarried mothers,' makes sure the children of polygamy, who are guaranteed to be thrown into a lifestyle of poverty, will never go hungry, and the men of polygamy will not have to invest too much of their earnings into the actual care and feeding of the hordes of children they create but rather can divert those funds back into their businesses and then their "church."

Is it any wonder that FLDS owned, Colorado City based, companies can secure multiple city, county and even federal contracts, when they are able to submit the lowest bid for those jobs, time after time? People have long scratched their heads, wondering how can they complete a job for less money than any other company, even when an honest contractor has repeatedly cut their profit margin to the bare bone on the bid for a job.

Ah, the poor suckers only think they have cut it to the bone. The poor suckers are not only losing business to the polygamists but are actually paying for the food and health care of their concubines and children, as well as actually paying the same for the workers who do the job! You can click here for more information. While the honest poor sucker is paying for his home, wife and children, feeding them, clothing them, caring for them by providing medical care, the polygamists have none of those silly expenses!

The polygamists do not have to bother themselves with such frivolous expenditures. The tax payers feed their children and cover the health care expenses of their extra concubines and children. Their labor costs on the job are much lower than the poor monogamous contractor's as well.

You see, since the FLDS is run on a communal system, every employee working on that job is indeed provided a 'pay check' but to stay in good standing in the "church" he then simply signs it right back over to the boss, who turns it all over to the prophet, who then decides what each worker 'really needs.' Of course, since you and I are paying to feed all the children and provide medical care for the concubines and children, obviously they need less to live on than those of us who have to pay for those things. Since they all live in a home owned by the church, well, that does also save them some money, now doesn't it? That, my friends, is how you consistently underbid all those poor monogamous suckers, who are obviously too dumb to let the system take care of their baby mamas [read: concubines] and children.

It's all based on fraud. Look at that chart up there. Now, because of privacy laws, none of us can be sure who was on that assistance, however, we know no one but polygamists live in that zip code. We also know there are less than 6,000 of them there! And we know from women who have left polygamy that many of them, who were the concubines of highly successful men, were indeed accepting government benefits for themselves and their children. Ask Carolyn Jessop!

This pattern is now repeating itself in Schleicher County, Texas, especially in San Angelo.

Perfectly decent human beings, who make their decisions about business based on costs, are now turning to FLDS owned businesses in Texas, to build their homes, build their roads, even lay the pads for almost every new wind turbine in West Texas. That's a big contract! It could have gone to a company owned by a decent, tax paying, family supporting Texan. Instead, those jobs have now been awarded to polygamists who laugh all the way to the baby mama welfare line. These FLDS polygamist owned and operated companies are now all over the Lone Star State; you can find them in places like Kerrville, Boerne and Amarillo. They use the system against all of us, and call it "bleeding the beast."

What does all of this have to do with the Browns of TLC's "Sister Wives"? Simple, it is called a pattern.

In my next post I'll publish some documents, so you can see exactly how the "Sister Wives," of TLC's smash reality show, are in fact no different from their counterparts in the FLDS.

Polygamy is abuse.

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