Saturday, June 11, 2011

Polygamy Works Great With OPM

The Browns make polygamy work by using OPM. It can be the money of a creditor or the government's money, they don't much care. Everyone knows that the easiest way to support any venture, while cutting your own risk, is to use Other People's Money.

One of the very last questions asked by host Oprah Winfrey in an interview with the Browns was how they managed financially and Meri answered
, "We just have to learn how to stretch our dollars just like any other American family." That is quite obviously a lie. I know very few American families who have filed 3 different bankruptcies in 13 years. I do know how nice it might have been for those families who were forced to file for it, if they had a third party they could have transferred any real property to, before they filed it. How convenient, for Kody Brown, who has just taken concubine [potential bankruptcy] #4.

These are the bankruptcy filings of two of Kody's concubines. Kody himself, along with his legal wife, Meri filed another bankruptcy in 2005. This was the perfect polygamist family, shoved out for all the world to see, hand picked by the Safety Net Committee? So Kody has three “wives” and they have all had to file bankruptcy.

We have said, over and over, that polygamy leads to poverty. Even if the Browns are all completely honest people, they have obviously been bankrupted by this "lifestyle choice," multiple times.

They say on their TV show that they are "married" to Kody and that he is their "husband." Really? On every one of these documents the women claim to be "single-unmarried" women. Where is your husband, Christine? Where is your husband, Janelle?

As you look at Christine's filing [in 2010] I'd like to point out a few things. There is space for the name of a spouse/joint debtor on the filing but it is blank. She does, however, list 5 children ranging in age from 8 through 11-years-old. Where was your "husband," Christine?

In the space for other monthly income Christine says, "Companion pays rent, utilities and auto insurance: $1,2000." Did you mean your "husband," Christine? Or, did one of your co-concubines pay that? Who is this mystery companion? In the filing, Christine says her assets total $1,550 and her liabilities at $25,712.14.

So after spending about $20,000 on credit cards, her lifetime assets total less than $2,000? Who got the goods, Christine? It looks like you are just a typical concubine who totes your meager belongings into whatever tent your master is providing for the harem right now.



1. Law A woman who cohabits with a man without being legally married to him.

  1. In certain societies, such as imperial China, a woman contracted to a man as a secondary wife, often having few legal rights and low social status.

    On page 23, Christine, it lists your main source of income in 2009 and 2010 as Food Stamps [pg. 23]! One the old standbys used by virtually every polygamist man is, 'I don't see how in a society where men dump women all the time you can look at this as bad when a man is actually caring for and taking responsibility for the women and children.'
    I have a newsflash for you, Kody Brown, letting taxpayers feed the children you make is not exactly caring for them.


  1. It is clear that Christine has filed a fraudulent bankruptcy statement and that she was receiving food stamps while on the payroll of TLC. One wonders why she is not being prosecuted for her fraud.

  2. I'd like to know how she applied for food stamp benefits without naming the father of her children. Most states will ask if there is any form of child support being paid.

    Also, how on earth with such a low income did she qualify for that much unsecured credit to begin with? Did she list Kody's income on her application for those credit cards? If so, wouldn't that make him, at the very least, a "joint debtor?"

    I'm still looking for the 2005 bankruptcy records of Kody and Meri. I'll post them as soon as I find them.

  3. I think that you should blog on the topic of the 2005 bankruptcy.

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  5. Christine also lied regarding her home situation on the 2010 bankruptcy application. She represented on the application that she lived with her six children and no other family members in the home in Lehi, Utah. She is required to list the assets of all those family members who lived at that address. We were told on the TLC program that the Browns were all ONE family and that they all lived in ONE home in Lehi, Utah. So why did she misrepresent the facts when filing for bankruptcy? Why did she apply for bankruptcy while on the payroll of TLC? Why couldn't Kody pay for medical insurance for his children - he did have the money to do so, he was on the TLC payroll. Why is it that Kody had a wedding reception and a honeymoon, but he could not pay his daughter's doctors for the emergency surgery that saved her life ? Why did Christine take food stamps from the government while on the TLC payroll?
    This family is not the wholesome group of people we are presented with on the TLC series. They are simply serial grifters. They do not deserve a platform on TLC, nor do they deserve a dime from the public troughs they have been feeding from...

  6. For those of us who have been watching polygamy in America for a while now, this comes as no surprise.

    The browns, like almost all polygamists, lie. They lie to seek acceptance for their "lifestyle," and they lie to receive public funding sources to maintain it, in the fashion to which they believe they should be accustomed.

    They obviously believe they are entitled to public funds in order to put their illegal behavior, based on their religious beliefs, into practice.