Sunday, July 19, 2009

YFZ Cemetery Refusal Statement July 10, 2009


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  2. Honey, you sure are a person, but I must ask, what in the heck do you think you are trying to prove by harassing these people? Why exactly do you want access to the cemetery? Please. This just makes you look like a prime idiot.

  3. The last time I checked, the law was not considered a form of harassment, not here in Texas.

    I want to pay my respects to little Allen Rohbock.

    According to the law of the state of Texas, I have a right [as a person] to do that. No one else in Texas seems to have a problem with this law.

    Are you a Texan?

    Do you have a problem with this law for some reason?

    I came back from the Mohave County area with documentation of the cemeteries this group left behind them when they came here to Texas.

    I'd like to pay my respects to the first Texas child to die on the YFZ Ranch, Allen Rohbock.

    Why, do you consider it a form of harassment that one Texan would want to visit another Texan to pay their respects?

    Do you feel like little Allen, the Texan, will feel harassed if I visit his grave?

    Does the culture in Utah not allow people to visit cemeteries? Are there a lot of private cemeteries in Utah? Is it unusual for people in Utah to visit cemeteries? Do people in Utah not consider cemeteries to be important historical monument collections, or places of interest for all historians; or places of inspiration for poets, musicians, writers, artists, deep thinkers?

    What is the big deal?

    Why should they be allowed to break Texas law and lock out all the Texas people I mentioned above?

    Why should Allen's own family have to ask the YFZ's permission, when no one else in the whole state of Texas has to ask anyones permission to visit anyone they are related to?

    And why am I not considered "person enough" for them to obey the law?

    Why are Allen's own family "not person enough" to visit Allen?

    Why would anyone in Allen's family like to try to visit Allen, if the Texas people aren't even going to back up their personhood by following the law?

    Why would you as a family member, who has been kicked out, or chosen to leave, ever want to set foot on that place alone, without at least one Texan by your side while you're there?

  4. I can guarantee you that the mother, and the sister wife who was driving, are in a lot more pain over this child's death than you are. You can show that you are a human being by respecting them, their religion, and their grief. You are not trying to "pay your respects" to this child. You are trying to stir up trouble.

    Now I regret any rejection or barring of the father from visiting his child. That is a shame. There needs to be more love, understanding, and kindness in this world.

    Can't you see that your above post is cruel and vindictive? Your driving up to the ranch in clothing that you knew would offend, with mean-spirited stickers on your truck, all show that your actions are not motivated by "paying your respects." There is nothing respectful about this video. There are better ways to accomplish change in this world.

  5. Can you please point out which parts of my post were "cruel and vindictive"?

    My magnets are not mean-spirited, they are the truth. They simply read "Polygamy is Abuse", a statement even the U.N. agrees with, since they have identified polygamy as a human rights abuse of women and children, worldwide.

    My dress was appropriate for a warm west Texas morning and I offered to put a long sleave shirt and long skirt on, and to remove my signage before going in [I actually did do both of those things]. My exact statement to Mr. Jessop when offering to do so was, "I'm here to pay my respects. I'm willing to be respectful".

    So, again, BIV, which part of my actions are mean, vindictive or disrespectful?

    Is it the part where I expect the residents of the YFZ to obey Texas law?

    Unless the law is obeyed, nobody is going to be able to get into that cemetery to pay their respects, including family.

    And again, I ask you, once one of them has managed to get out of the cult, what makes you think they will go in there, alone, without at least one Texan present with them?

    Family members who do finally get access are not eligible for police protection to visit a cemetery. That means someone has to be willing to fight for their right to visit the grave, and then be willing to go with them once the law is being complied with.

  6. Boots, yeah sure you just wanted to pay "respects" to the little boy. It seems they would have let you in but ultimately refused on advice from their attornies. You shared with us that your father was KKK. He was a racist bigot and you grew up and became a religious bigot, like father like daughter.

  7. Well Duane, what you have to say can be about those groups you like to mention so much.

    And what I have to say can be about the law and protecting Texas children.

    I think I've been very clear about my motives but since you seem to have such trouble reading plain English for the hundredth time:

    I want to visit and pay my respects to the first Texas child to die on the YFZ Ranch.

    I'd also like to help his brother out, so he can see him, too.

    I'd like to help all Texans to exercise their right to pay their own respects.

    Now, if you're done asking the black dude at the lunch counter if he really wants a sandwich because he is hungry or if he is just trying to harass you by rubbing his right order it in your face...

    You and the FLDS seem to be the ones claiming the sacred right to discriminate, against Texans, against survivors, against victims and against the law.

    I think rational people can see that. I think just like Tony Alamo, you're Emperor, Warren Jeffs and the FLDS, has no clothes.

    No survivor, visiting that ranch is going to want to go in there alone, and you know it. I can't think of anyone but Flora who would do it, and that's just because the media would provide so much back up for her.

    The point is, the law already provides him with protection, because he doesn't have to go alone.

    Texans, indeed "any person" who wants to visit the cemetery can. That means Allen's big brother, who would like to visit him, doesn't ever have to go in there alone.

    I'll go in with him. Do you have a problem with that, Duane?

  8. Boots, I'm read numerous books on the civil rights era, the first one when I was 7.

    The sit-ins in no way compare to what you are doing.

    go visit some other cemetary and quit harrassing these people whom you will never understand.
    BTW, a major catalyst for bigotry is ignorance which ultimately breeds hate.

  9. Duane, I've never once advocated "hate" of anyone or anything here.

    You can either quit with the name calling and stick to real facts or you can excuse yourself from the conversation, which it doesn't look like you ever intended to have anyway.

  10. Boots, your travels to different cities "educating" people about the alleged "abuses" of polygamy, the baby cemetaries, implying that most FLDS children were raped and you not think that a least some people who previously didn't know of the FLDS peoople, will leave your booksignings and speeches with a newfound hatred of the FLDS members who otherwise would have been ambivalent about the whole issue if not for your "activism"?

  11. How many of our speeches or signings did you come to, Duane?

    The ideas of "hate" are from your own imagination.

    You have a hard time telling the difference between persecution and prosecution, truth and lies, love and hate, right and wrong.

    Go get yourselves a dictionary, please.

  12. As a physician, I fail to understand why there is such a high infant mortality ate on these polygamist compounds, yet the government has yet to perform forensic analyses of the remains of these children in order to determine the cause of death of these infants.

  13. I have the Mohave County Sheriff, Tom Sheahan on a recorded TV interview claiming they had investigated the cemetery and found nothing unusual there.

    I've never seen the copy of their "official investigation", which must have been closed if nothing was found.

    I'm sure someone could request a copy of that closed investigation using the freedom of information act, from Mohave County, Arizona.

    I know I'd sure like to see how extensive the official law enforcement investigation really was.

    Problem is, when I request information from Mohave County, Arizona bad things seem to happen to me. But hey, as soon as anyone wants to step forward and request, then post a copy of any official cemetery investigation in Short Creek or wants to send it to me, I'll gladly post it.

  14. Dear Boots I must say that you present your arguments clearly and succinctly your motives are transparent and impeccable .
    I fail to see how someone with an undisturbed spirit cannot see where you are coming from.
    I commend you for your good work it is heartening to see that not everyone passes by on the other side of the road.