Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'm looking at an article in today's online edition of the San Angelo Standard Times titled, " Trial dates set for sect members facing criminal charges". Matt Phinney seems to be taking Paul Anthony's place. I'm willing to give him a shot, because I have not seem him write anything blatantly one sided, yet. I'll watch for that but so far I haven't seen it.

In general finding clean people hasn't been hard here in Texas. There was a problem with corruption in Mohave County, Washington County, Utah and Arizona that I have not found here at all outside of Austin.

There is definitively already a growing attachment to the economic benefits of having the FLDS in Schleicher and Tom Green Counties. Even people in Eldorado are hiring FLDS owned construction companies to build their homes and complete building projects. They are clean help, reliable, courteous, on time, exact and of course, cheap.

One FLDS owned company doing brisk business all the way from Eldorado to San Antonio is Jack Daniel's construction owned by Jackson and Daniel Jessop. So if you're looking for cheap construction work, done well, and on time, as long as you don't mind funding the lifestyle and activities of the FLDS, you're all good to go.

Gee, I hope they don't get any unexpected visits by the Texas workforce commission on a weekend. You never know what kind of cheap labor might be on the job on those communal "work Saturdays" those poor young FLDS men have to endure. Can you even imagine being a 22 year old male and being told "all marriages are on hold". In their shoes, I guess I would want to keep myself busy, too.

The growing list of Texans that were thrown under the bus is amazing.

We start with little Eldorado Texas, whose people came together immediately to try to help the children.

The members of the First Baptist Church of Eldorado were particularly criticised for offering their church's buses. I suppose there are those who would have preferred we send for some un air conditioned INS buses from Del Rio, or perhaps some nice wheels from the Texas Prison system in Huntsville. That could have been nice. Instead, however, the people, normal, decent Texas people came together and offered what they could.

And what did they get for it?

They were accused of trying to steal Utah's children from the poor polygamists to covert them all into Baptists.


The Hot line workers who took the distress call? Gee, threatened by FBI special agents and told to shut up and quit talking to the Texas Rangers.


Shelter workers were accused, in an unsigned letter purporting to be from Texas Hill Country MHMR staff members, of actually abusing women and children during the emergency shelter operations. No one has stepped forward to take responsibility for the anonymous letter or to defend its accuracy. It remains to today a mystery.


Department of Family Protective Services Attorneys Childress and Schmidt both have stated publicly that they felt something was wrong in Austin. Both were told their professional services would not be needed by Austin's "special team" once they voiced opinions expressing their intentions, based on the evidence, to terminate the parental rights of many of the ranch's residents. They were told of the plan to continue to non-suit cases, even if abuse was clearly identified.


Department of Family Services local Case Workers across the state were told to close their cases on every last child, even if gross abuse or neglect had been indicated for the children on their case load. They were instructed to cooperate with the orderly and unconditional return of the FLDS children. Some of them got to push crying children, who were begging not to have to go back, across the room to their "parents". Some of them cried. Some of them quit. None of them will ever be the same after the experience.


Foster families who saw the extent of the damage done were told to give them all back, regardless what they knew had been done to them.


The Texas Rangers went into that place and saw the law being broken, got a warrant, found the evidence, safely removed every last child into immediate protective custody of Texas, without ever firing a shot, starting any Armageddon or doing anything even remotely unprofessional as a law enforcement agency.

And what did they get?

A burned up Governor's mansion and...


Thump, thump, thump go the wheels of the Special CPS Team from Austin's bus.

Doesn't anyone wonder who was driving it?


  1. Kdee, thanks for that link to Jack Daniels construction. Do you know if they do backyard gunite swimming pools? Good to know that they do quality work.

  2. Just repeating what my sources told me, Duane.

    Like I said, if people can live with what they're funding, we do live in a capitalist society and I'm all for that.

    Do business with your friends.

    That's you're own business...right up until their business suddenly becomes highly embarrassing. Then, suddenly you become known for who your friends are and it doesn't look so great.

    Our friends are a reflection of who we are, don't you think, Duane?

  3. I do business with those who can give me the best product at the best price with the best service. Their private lives and religious beliefs don't enter into that equation.

  4. "Their private lives and religious beliefs don't enter into that equation."
    For everyone that goes with that idea every time they want a cheaper contract, remember to muffle the ears of your heart against the unheard cries and permanently broken dreams of the 11 and 12 year old girls who actually hate to cook and clean and change mountains of diapers but are told every day that is the best and highest thing they will ever be able to do throughout life. (Because some of them will already be pregnant by men well over 21 anyway, who also cohabit with other females regularly. These young sex slaves don't ever need to know anyone else cared about them, and all the lies about non-FLDS will remain with the appearance of complete truth to them.)Don't get upset for the young males, exploited day in and day out, who will work their fingers to the bone and be expected to never really love anyone at all, because it is only a numbers game with "God"- love has nothing to do with it- just work, breed, and shut up, or get destroyed all over again. Remember, but don't let yourself get upset, about the still-15 year old girl taken off that breeding farm/slavery/extortion "ranch" who already had 4 babies and was pregnant with her 5th. Remember,but don't grieve. This WAS America for some, not for others.The only hope FLDS people assigned to/("invited to") YFZ will ever have for freedom, is to one day walk up to any decent person outside that ranch and ask to tell their true story to someone,and that more and more of them will overcome the programming until that place falls into the earth, never to rise again. There is no hope for any inside the FLDS to ever know their human and civil rights as Americans unless they leave the cult. The conditioning to accept profoundly aberrant lies about their own country and themselves is so deep, it will never end. Corruption in many non-FLDS will abet all of this forever also.

  5. Gretchen, sounds like you are having bad dreams.
    Your dark fantasies and imagination are getting the best of you. Please seek help. I will pray for you

  6. duaneh1-Been hitting the bottle again, there? YOU pray for anyone, duane? well, you're a comedian, in somebody's twisted world- I can easily imagine what you yourself are like, from what you have posted here. You have no god but yourself duane.Sounds like your god is your own mind, stomach, and various other body parts, sir.What will you pray? and to whom? Makes no difference, your god does not sound like one of mercy, truth, or any of the things we all need and take for granted every day.You surely don't read or think too much. Don't want to break that wallet or that ego, now, do ya? May God take pity on the females anywhere near you.

  7. like I said,duane1,"corruption in non-flds (who are willing to do business with (flds) and continue to look the other way will abet(flds) criminal ways forever." "Prayer" from someone like you is but a stench in the nostrils of the Almighty and your own filth will eventually catch up with you, sir.That I do know.We all stand before our maker sooner or later. I know I will, and I am ready. Christ did the work on Calvary for each and every one of us.It will be such a relief to be done with this mixed up and crazy world of sin and rationalization.I know I am more than half way there, thank God.I was born in the 1950's. People like you are but a reminder of how messed up the world and our nation have become, and how happy I for one will be to leave it behind some wonderful day. I have known a few people like you in the past, praise the Lord, I do not have to have contact with any that I know of these days.Now go take a good, long nip from whatever you've been using to numb your cruel mind and heart, and awareness of your own disgraceful life.