Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eldorado's Appeal

As I sat in my truck outside the gates of the YFZ, having been asked to back out of the driveway and park on the county road, I knew they weren't going to let me in.
I'd been so close to being in, twice. Once upon my arrival, when the gates simply immediately opened for me. The nose of my truck was through the big iron gates when I thought better of traversing the mile long road stretched out in front of me, without verbal approval. I stopped and backed out, calling the number listed for assistance. Then at one point, I was following Jim Jessop into the gates, when they suddenly changed their minds and the gate began to shut on us, and we backed out again.
But sitting on the side of the county road, getting hot from the long sleeve shirt and heavy long prairie skirt, I knew it was going to be a no go, when one of the Jeffs boys came to confer with Mr. Jessop.
I got out and stripped the hot clothing back off, and began reapplying the "Polygamy is Abuse" magnets I had so graciously offered to remove for my trip in to visit Allen.
After applying the magnets back to the sides and back of my truck, I looked around for a stone. I simply picked one that spoke to me. I held it in my hand and thought of Allen, telling myself that if they did let me in, I would leave it for him. I stared at the stone resting in my palm and thought how it lived outside the gates, and little Allen never got the chance. He died long before the rescue. He died never knowing anything outside.
I thought of the stone that mysteriously showed up by US mail at one of our safe houses, with nothing else in the box. Written on the stone was "John 8:7"
I have no desire to throw stones, but I don't mind saying that I have never committed the crime of polygamy, so I wouldn't mind taking that one back to the YFZ and leaving it there next time, when I do go in.
My motivations for visiting Allen are to pay my respects to him. As an activist, who has been running around with the documentation that shows exactly how dangerous polygamy seems to be for these children where they came from, I feel like the most respectful thing anyone can do for him is to make sure he is never forgotten.
He was a three year old baby, and now, thanks to someones lack of concern for his safety, he is dead. He is the first child death on the YFZ Ranch. While some will tell you that the numbers are too small to count, this means 1/3 of the YFZ Cemetery is now children.
Some will tell you that is meaningless, because there are so many children its natural that more of them die. That's the Mohave County line anyway. They have more children, therefore they run over more of their children.
Really? Is that so? So Allen's death, which was perfectly preventable, is perfectly "normal".
And while, if his mother had been driving I could see not pressing endangerment or neglect charges in the case[I can see how losing a child is enough punishment], she wasn't.
I guess the FLDS probably feel free to carry all the children they want around the ranch, in similar fashion to what killed Allen, now. And when it happens again, it will be just another accident, y'know.
Allen Rhobock is reason one why the residents of the YFZ should be held to the same legal standards as the rest of us, and we should say no to secret cemeteries in Texas.
While I enjoy the right to appeal my case before a judge now; Allen's appeals are over.
All the abused children of the YFZ have been given back to their abusers. Their appeals are over.
The people of Eldorado have one last chance to show the world why they tried to help these children, at the trials.
The people of Eldorado feel abused and abandoned. Who cares about them? Who cares that within 10 years, if no laws against polygamy are enforced, a Jessop will be sitting in the County Sheriff's office? Who cares that a tiny county with less than a 3 million dollar yearly operating budget is bankrupted the minute they have to take any law enforcement action against the FLDS?
Who cares that these are kind decent Texas people and their whole community has been invaded by an organized crime family syndicate, with the financing of the states of Arizona and Utah?
Who cares about Allen?
Who cares about the children still alive?
Who cares about the people of Eldorado and Schleicher County, Texas?
Details of the 45 minute encounter with the Priesthood, will be posted by midweek, in the form of a statement I made giving a description of the facts as I understood them, from notes I took as events unfolded , about 20 minutes after the refusal. This was done before I left the YFZ gates.


  1. Thanks for the story Boots. At least you tried, and you can't begrudge yourself for that. Out the hundred times we try , if just once we make it, its worth all the hundreds we didn't.

  2. Nothing is ever really dead.