Friday, May 1, 2009

Facts are Funny Things

A friend dropped by the blog this week. She read the postings and wrote me a note saying essentially ‘This is why I don’t blog. You cannot reason with some people.’ She spoke of being personally attacked in the past and I understood her stance, for sure.

I told her I didn’t mind being attacked, and that it was my belief that the more rope you gave someone...

I’ve certainly never attacked anyone’s rights to practice their faith. This is a free country. I don’t care if someone wants to worship dirty socks hanging from the low branches of a tree in their back yard. They can ascribe all the power in the universe to the socks for all I care.

They can build a shrine, kneel and pray, offer tithes, offerings and hold group devotional meetings for the socks. They can bring their children to the socks teaching them how the socks created the universe and hold all the power in it.

But the day the adults tell children in the group that the dirty socks want them to disrobe and submit to sex acts in the sock’s name my tolerance for religion ends and my desire to see criminals prosecuted begins.

My investigation of Colorado City had nothing to do with religion and everything to do with abuse and polygamy.

Just as they did after the Arizona raid in 1953, the FLDS has waged a concerted PR effort to sway the public to believe they were persecuted for their religion, rather than prosecuted for their abuse.

When you present the American public with the facts of polygamy, worldwide, Colorado City seems to have the very same problems that crop up in every single known polygamous culture already in existence. Even though the religious beliefs behind the practice differ from culture to culture, the abusive results don’t.

Islamic polygamy produces exactly the same results. They have different gods, different religions, and the same practice of polygamy.

All polygamous cultures exhibit these characteristics

Child Brides
Child labor issues
Pedophilia of female children
Control and limitation of women’s freedom in choice of: life partner, movement, speech, dress, education, career, birth control, and virtually every other aspect of private life
High infant mortality rates
Families in gross poverty

Colorado City, Arizona is the largest all polygamous community operating in the United States of America. If my supposition is that polygamy is abusive by nature and I wanted to look at an American group of practicing polygamists to know for sure, what better place in America is there to look?

So why is it so surprising that I would want the public to know the facts, by the numbers, of what is happening in Colorado City, Arizona, USA?


  1. I just have one question for you. Do you think consenting adults should have a right to live together in a polygamous relationship if they so choose?

  2. Here is some facts for you Boots!!!
    Regiestered sex offenders in Utah from FLDS.

    Lets take a look at the Utah Sex offender List.
    On the list are the following.
    1. Lymen Barlow
    2. Haven Barlow
    3. David Barlow
    4. Jerry Allred
    5. Cameron Allred
    6. Allen John Allred
    7. Jerry Allred
    8. Jack Cooke
    9. Jason William Cook
    10.Robert Merrick Cook
    11.John Ellsworth Cook
    12. Steven Lyle Cook
    13. Merlin Dutson
    14. Ethan Fischer
    15. Dennis Jessop
    16. John Roy Jessop
    17. Marcos Lynn Jessop
    18. Jack Jessop
    19. Warren Jeffs
    20. Christopher Jeffs
    21. Joshua Mackert Johnson
    22. Abraham Leroy Knudson
    23. Benjamin Jeffs
    24. Bruce Chatwin
    25. Moroni Draper
    26. Jason Holm
    27. Rodney Holm
    28. David Legrand Draper
    29. Merlin Samuel Dutson
    30. Michael Dutson
    31. Ethan Fischer
    32. Parley Parker Stubbs
    33. Abraham Leroy Knudson
    34. Brandon David Nielson
    35. Dale E Nielson
    36. Eric Mark Nielson
    37. Bryce M. Nielson
    38. Clint Jeffery Nielson
    39. Darin Nielson
    40. James G. Nielson
    41. Mark Evans Nielson
    42. Michael Nielson
    43. William Nielson
    44. Brent Nielson
    45. Gerald Nielson
    46. John Nielson
    47. Philip Nielson
    48. Tanner MIchael Nielson
    49, Michael Roy Richter
    50. Ephraim Woodruff Steed
    51. Jeffrey Marvin Steed
    52. Joseph Timpson Steed
    53. Rulon Johnson Steed
    54. Derek Lloyd Wayman
    55. Jeremy william Wayman
    56. Winston Fischer

  3. Did you catch the Cedar City survey of 12 year olds. So they decided sex education and abuse
    prevention might be OK IN TENTH GRADE--15
    year olds.

    Did they ask the kids who did it? NO. Now if it was a polygamous community they'd lock them up and throw away the key.

  4. Harley,
    Do you know personally all the people on your "list of FLDS"? About half of them I've never heard of before, the other half is a good argument in favor of FLDS against the "lost boys".

    BTW: k.Dee, I'm still waiting for your specific allegations as to "who, when, where, how" killed their children. You said it, "Facts are Funny Things"! If you have some, why don't you out with it?

  5. I might add Boots, since you mentioned in your list of "bad" things the FLDS do, "Child Labor issues". When your "monogomist cult" starts showing the way when it comes to raising "good upstanding teenagers" then maybe I'd give some notice to it! I can't believe you're on this crusade! What a fraud!

  6. Cheese
    8-10yr old boys working on Heavy Industrial Construction sites is against child labor laws son.
    Flds were fined more than one in Utah for that very act.
    Utah in general has a major problem with people running over their small children. Seems adults just don't watch to well to make sure a child isn't under or behind their vehicle.
    Children falling off tractors when there are two or three on the tractor at a time, seem to get run over alot in Utah. Seat Belts, in the polygamist community seems to be a problem, either to many children , not enough seat belts, or they don't bother to buckle them up.
    Maybe Utah should look into that?

  7. Cheese, it's real easy to know the list I posted were Flds. Some of them are younger men, probably young men kicked out of Flds. Crap happens when you lose everything including your family members or are given a new father every year. Abuse is rampant in communal living, whether Flds, or secular communes.

  8. i think you need help there is NO any kind of abuse in FLDS group if there is they get kick out and those people get mad at Warren Jeffs after that they make lots of lies about him and the people there it is verey pace full there and THER IS NO ADOUS our crame there. i think you people should get a life.


  10. Thanks for contributing, I guess, but I think most people here only read English.

  11. You know what would be great? Some facts on polygamous communities! Like how many are in the US, how many do (abuse here) and etc, any facts (preferabbly with numbers) about them...