Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Seeking Host Texas Families

Seeking Shelter:
We are only 16 days away and counting before Flora and I hit the road and cover as much of Texas as we can in June.

This is a grass roots effort to reach Texans with the truth of the abuses found within the cultural practice of polygamy in America, culminating with our AAAP Friends & Survivors picnic in San Angelo, Texas, at Glenmore Park on Saturday, June 27 at high noon.

Since this is a grass roots effort, our budget is a proverbial shoestring, and we are requesting help from fellow Texans along the way.

I am looking for families who will host Flora and me for the night, when we visit your city. If anyone has a family member, club, organization or church who might be able to provide us safe shelter for the evening, in or near any of the cities listed in bold with an *asterisk*, please contact me at If you are interested in helping us, please do not post your real name or location to the blog, as it is monitored by way more pro-polygamists than not.

Texans are known for their generosity and hospitality, and Flora and I deeply appreciate anyone willing to assist. We aren't asking for anything fancy, just a safe clean place to lay our heads to rest as we are passing through. Neither of us is too proud to flop on a couch or even spread a bedroll in your barn.

G-d Bless you, and may G-d Bless Texas,

k.Dee Ignatin

The following Texas cities are locations where you can attend a reading and/or signing of her book, CHURCH OF LIES:

SMU College Barnes & Noble June 6

Borders June 7

Legacy Books June 8

Hastings June 9

Hastings June 10

Barnes & Noble June 11

Barnes & Noble June 12

Hastings June 13

Hastings June 14

Barnes & Noble June 20

Hastings June 21
Bookpeople June 22

San Antonio
TBA June 23

Hastings June 25

*San Angelo
Hastings June 26

*San Angelo
AAAP Friends & Survivors Picnic
Glenmore Park, June 27


  1. What about host families outside of Texas?

  2. I haven't, as of yet, scheduled any tour for her outside of Texas. After this one is over, we can detrmine if it would be possible to do more, outside the state.

    I am however, very excited by Brent Jeffs new book, and might like to sponsor a tour for him as well.

    Traveling to Texas for this tour is a huge expense for both Flora and myself.

    If there were a city, someplace outside of Texas, where we saw sufficiant interest and support among the public, we would most definitely be open to discussing something for the future.

    Thank you so much for your interest, and please do consider filling out a Friends & Survivors form for that page on the website.



  3. P.S.


    If you think there are enough women in your area who would be interested in a presentation, I would love to come do it.

    I don't want you to think we wouldn't come, if someone felt we were needed.

    You can always reach me by email, which is listed on the site.

    In friendship and sisterhood,

    k.Dee Ignatin

  4. PS, again,

    And if you know someone who wants out, I know people who can help with that, too. We've got a network capable of hiding and protecting them.