Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Press Release

Americans Against Abuses of Polygamy*******PRESS RELEASE*******Announcing the “Texans Know a Load of Corn When They See it, Oprah!” photo op

Americans Against Abuses of Polygamy’s 2009 Friends and Survivors picnic will be held in San Angelo, Texas on June 27th at Glenmore Park, at noon. There will be many survivors of American polygamy present, hoping to meet Texans and explain the realities of the abuses they experienced, in person.

In 1953, the State of Arizona raided the polygamous community of Shortcreek, in what is now Colorado City Arizona, home of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, currently led by Warren Jeffs, alleging abuse of underage girls, forced to engage in sexual relationships with much older men, under the guise of, “celestial marriage”.

After the Arizona raid, the FLDS leadership responded with a concerted public relations campaign to show America how normal polygamy is.

A piece in LIFE Magazine was the turning point in the public relations war, winning sympathy from across America, and calls for the FLDS to be left alone to practice their quaint religion, which apparently harmed no one.

The man on the front page of LIFE, shucking corn with his concubines, who won the PR war for the FLDS, was Clyde Mackert.

Over 50 years later, we will recreate that scene, at our Friends & Survivors picnic, with smiling corn shucking survivors, backed by Texans around a sign that reads, “Texans Know a Load of Corn When They See it, Oprah”!

Although, this time Kathleen and Rena Mackert, daughters of Clyde Mackert, still unborn at the time of the photos, will be there among the survivors, front, and center. Both escaped polygamy, and both were sexually molested their entire childhoods, by the same smiling, corn shucking man who won the last national PR war for the FLDS.

We will send the photo from LIFE Magazine with ours, to Oprah Winfrey; because we think she is playing the role of LIFE Magazine for the FLDS. Her exclusive interviews inside the YFZ Ranch, a year after the Texas raid, were full of softball questions and concentrated on bread baking and the family nature of the FLDS. She went on to ad her opinion that the U.S. prohibition against the cultural practice of polygamy should be re-examined.

For more information, please contact executive director, k. Dee Ignatin.


  1. So what are saying is, based on what this one "corn shucking" man did, applies to all the polygamists huh?
    OJ simpson was such a role model for african-americans, the fact that he murdered his ex-wife is proof that all african-american men are killers.

  2. No, Duaneh1,

    What I am saying, and I have said all along, is that the cultural practice of polygamy leads to pedophelia of female children, child brides etc.

    We know that you discount all of the survivors stories, so nothing they ever say will change your mind.

    Sexual abuse is rampant within polygamy, regardless of what religion the people who practice it adhere to.

    There are those of us out here who have heard their stories and believe them.

    You don't, we do. It's that simple.