Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ladies Be Counted

Anyone interested in wearing the latest in Texas Anti-Polygamy fashion should contact Mandy at 830-329-6358 or

A $20 donation includes shipping in the contiguous states, and anyone in the Texas Hill Country can arrange for pick up.

The back reads "Polygamy is Abuse Triple AP. Org"


  1. My wife is constantly worrying that polygamy will be legalized because if that happens, she knows I will take a 2nd wife who is younger and prettier and my she would be helpless to prevent it. Women are so weak.

  2. Trollin', trollin', trollin'
    Keep lame comments rollin'
    Polygamist lies!

    Careful your weak imaginary wife might divorce you.

  3. If Anonymous would man-up and give his real name, I'd buy his wife one of these T-shirts. LOL