Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Free Pass

I was sitting here today wondering what it must look like.
I've wondered who issued it, too?
The free pass that allows thousands of men to raise women and children, like veal in stalls, convincing them through fear that they must participate in a felony crime once they have reached puberty.
What exactly does it look like?
What do you have to do to get one?
What other felony crimes do men in this country get a free pass to practice, without fear of prosecution? And where do the women who participate in the same crime get theirs?
Why has Nurse Sally (Ann) Wayman (maiden name) Jeffs (first husband's name, "married" till he was excommunicated) Nielsen (reassigned to Nielsen after Jeffs was excommunicated)not been charged with anything?
She is, as you know, the mother of Janet and the nurse/midwife who went along with the plan to leave the 16 year old girl in heavy labor for three days on the YFZ Ranch. Where did she get her free pass? Does she have a license to practice as a midwife in Texas? If not, why is she not being prosecuted for this? Does she have a current Texas Nursing license? If so, why is it not under review?
Exactly where did she get her free pass to endanger the life of two human beings for the explicit purpose of covering up the illegal sexual assault of her 16 year old patient?
There is so much I admit I don't understand about all of this.
I don't understand how 439 children, over 200 of whom have been identified as abused, could be given back to abusers who are known to be practicing a felony crime, which the U.N. clearly defines as a human rights abuse.
So let me get this straight: None of the carebear colored mothers on the YFZ Ranch were brought before the grand jury, even though at least an estimated 50 of them ended up being identified as "abusers", right?
Every single last child was returned to their abuser, and not one woman was charged?
For Pete's sake, this is the state that put Carla Faye Tucker down! What the heck is going on in Austin?
What are they thinking? Are they thinking they cannot withstand the bad PR of the Carebear colored mothers on the stand in front of a jury attempting to explain how, 'Yes, I understand that polygamy is a crime [that's why we isolate ourselves, so you won't see us doing it] but I choose to do it anyway, because the men have convinced me from birth I will go to eternal burning Hell if I don't'?
So she is a VICTIM? Okay, so you think she is just a victim and should not be held responsible to the laws of our country, because she cannot help being a victim.
So why in the Hell would you send the children back so they can make MORE of these victims?
I can guarantee you that if I had a nursing license in this state and I had left a 16 year old in hard child labor for three days, and refused to take her to the hospital, because I knew it would get the father in trouble with the law, I would be in BIG trouble. So why isn't Sally in any trouble?
Abuse is a cycle. One may start out as a victim. Once you have moved from victim to abuser, I think your free pass should be yanked.
This is the most ridiculous misogynistic bunch of bologna I have ever seen. The women are victims and cannot help it, so we will allow them to breed more and more of them, and what, just hope no one notices when the homeless abused boys start getting dumped along the roads in Texas?
Then, just like Utah and Arizona they can say, "We will not prosecute the crime of polygamy in Texas, because there are just too many to prosecute".
Never mind that right now that is NOT the case.
If you care anything about the future of human rights for the women and children of the state of Texas, I'd suggest you start contacting every elected official you know, as well as those who plan to run for office in 2012. Let them know you want abusers, regardless of whether they started life as victims, and regardless of their gender, prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
Tell them you want a mother, any mother, who willingly hands her 12 year old over to a 50 year old man for SEX, to be prosecuted for it, just like YOU would be if you had done it!
I've about decided that the women of the FLDS are the fundie equivalent of bad pop icons, like Paris Hilton. There just seems to be a strange, easier, kind of justice set aside for them.
Just say NO to the free abuser passes being handed out in Texas.
Being a "dumb woman, incapable of being responsible for the protection of your children is NOT a legal defense.
Abuse is not a religion.
Do we really want to allow "religious freedom" to trump U.S. law?
Well, do we?

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  1. Tripleap lady, you are so cruel and heartless. The women are innocent victims who are as pure as the driven snow. They have been brainwashed since birth that their horrible lives spent cooking, cleaning, babies, riding and training horses, picnics, drinking wine, vacationing in Las Vegas, skiing, amusement parks, and other tortures is perfectly normal. They know not what they do.