Monday, June 29, 2009

Saftey Net Culturally Guided Plans for Utah

What a nice invitation.
This is an official invitation to help educate government workers on how to supply polygamists with information to help them apply for, and receive taxpayer assistance, without fear of being arrested for breaking Federal Laws against polygamy.
I wonder if any of the leadership in Texas CPS, DFPS, DES, or Health and Human Services have plans to either take advice from the experts listed here, or to actually send attendees to this "culturally guided, balanced approach to Service Provision" conference?
It sounds quite clinically fascinating after all, since it is designed for: "Building Bridges Not Barriers" and promises to teach us "What Social Workers Should Know".
According to the invitation, all our Utah pro-polygamy favorites will be attending, including Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, specifically speaking on the subject of
"Making it Safe for Fundamentalists to Receive Social Services".
One has to wonder, now that all the children were sent back even though abuses were identified, if those in charge of the system, which is supposed to protect Texas children, are instead getting in bed with a culture that tolerates and exacerbates the abuse of their human and constitutional rights.
Somebody should ask our governor if he is still sure our child protection system is being led by the right people, for Texas.
On the other hand, I would sure love to see some of the West Texas C.A.S.A. folk I know go to stare these people down through the whole thing, too, lmao!


  1. " Making it safe for fundamentalists to receive social services"

    I didn't realize it had been so UNSAFE for them to receive the benefits!

    I guess it's hard to feel safe when your corrupting the system with your Illegal practices.



  2. Don't you just wonder how many other of the state's AG's are helping to throw parties for people who are perpetrating a felony every day?

  3. So this is basically for Centinnel Park Polygamists? right?
    FLDS women would have to have permission from their master, Husband, and doubt any FLDS women has 50 dollars to spare for a bunch of talkin.
    You know the word is out, the storehouse is in need, and they are pushing for FLDS members to give MORE money!

  4. Actually, this is for people who work in the social system, like CPS, DHS, DES, DHHS, MHMR etc.

    This trains the service providers how to provide the services, without getting the criminals into any trouble.

    You can even earn continuing education credits for the course.

    This comes as no surprise to any of us who have seen Utah and Arizona system providers, everyone from CPS employees to nurses threatened to shut up, or risk losing their jobs. Y'know, the same thing that has just happened to our own CPS, shelter workers, hotline staff etc here in Texas?

    That's why I would really like to go to this thing, to see if Texas DHHS is sending people to get trained on how to give these criminals tax payer supported benefits...

  5. I think the Safety Net is doing a great thing in educating polygamists on how to seek help and assistance on various issues without fear of repercussions against their families.

  6. I have written to both Pat Merkley and to Mark Shurtleff regarding the training and neither will answer (even sent follow up email requesting an answer to my first email)

    Both emails basically go like this:

    So where is the flyer for the Training Conference for the Safety Net for the Drug Dealer families? Where is the Training Conference for the Serial Killer Family Safety Net being held? How many government employees are on the Safety Net Committee for the Crack Addict Family so that a culturally guided, balanced approach for service provision is available to those families? Will I get continuing education CEU's for attending the Safety Net Training Conference for the Kidnapper Family Systems?

    What about the Prostitution Family Safety Net? Why are all these crime families not being served with the same benefits of the criminal polygamous families?

    Don't know why they won't answer me, LOL!

  7. LOL! Better yet, where is the culturally sensitive symposium for social workers to guide them in how to help illegal immigrants fill out their forms, so they too can receive Social Security and taxpayer funded welfare benefits?

    You Go Girlfriend!

    p.s. I wouldn't expect to get your own invitation you little trouble maker!

  8. Is there a safety net committe for chronic liars and delusional religious bigots?

  9. That's 1 Duane.

    Either play nice, meaning with facts, not hyperbole and name calling, or get the boot.

    Got it?