Sunday, June 7, 2009

Big Willie's House in Cedar City

Taken by The Spectrum, this photo was taken outside of Willie Jessop's house in Cedar City, Utah during a law enforcement raid of his home, on a hot tip that Warren Jeffs might be in there.

What's wrong with this picture, folks?

Does this boy look afraid of law enforcement to you?

No children were removed from Willie's house, btw.


  1. I hope it is just the lighting, but the left side of that little boys face looks severly bruised and his left eye looks almost swelled shut.

  2. Enlage it. The screen is actually obscuring some of what is on the child's face.

    You're correct, his eye is nearly swollen shut from the visible bruising on it.

  3. This baby is only about 2 or 3 yrs old! What the hell is the matter with LE?

  4. Harley,

    Law enforcement in Arizona and Utah is corrupt to polygamy.

    While Duane is over on FLDS TEXAS explaining that he had plenty of "black eyes" as a child...we all know in our guts exactly what happened to that child.

    We also know that from the documentation we have, the FLDS kids are very "accident prone" anyway.

    Sometimes I'll look at that picture for a long time, wondering where that little boy is, and whether he is getting a hug from anyone today, or if he is just a poster child for a future Lost Boy?

    Like I said, enlarge the photo, zoom in on it. That boy didn't fall off any swing set...and he didn't look afraid of law enforcement.

    Flora and I both had the very same feeling the first day we saw it, he looked like he wished they would take him away from there.

    Too bad he wasn't in Texas. I don't know any Texas Ranger who would have left that child behind.

  5. Yup. That's a heck of a shiner. Must have fallen off his high chair and blocked the fall with his eye.

  6. Everytime I look at this picture I just cry! You want a "poster child" of why so many of us fight the abuses of the FLDS - well folks here he is! And LE did NOTHING to help this baby. Willie had better hope he never meets me in a dark alley! I don't care if he does outweigh me by about 350 pounds, he would not walk out intact!

  7. I remember reading this news story at the time it was written but I read it online, rather in the printed paper. I don't remember seeing the photo. Does anyone know if the photo appeared in the printed issue of The Spectrum? If so, I can't imagine that there wasn't some public concern expressed for this child.

    Also, I noticed that The Spectrum doesn't carry much news about Hildale/Colorado City or the goings on in Texas. Boots - do you know why that is?

  8. Short Creek has its problems, and I've got my prejudices, but until I know different all I see is a little boy with a black eye. And I had my fair share of childhood injuries from self-inflicted causes, despite an overprotective mom. I'm not willing to sell a whole town and culture down the river because I don't choose to live my life their way.

  9. so just where IS big Willie's House?