Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Flora Jessop Texas Book Tour

I met Flora out on the road. She was in Houston for a CPS conference, so I drove down to meet with her.

It looks like June is the month for the tour...and we're going to hit every major city in Texas.

This is going to be FUN!


  1. Sounds like an exciting time. I can't wait to read Flora's book.

    Thanks for helping with the fight by putting up this site, K Dee!

  2. Hi k.Dee,

    How about a blog post about the short creek cemetaries issue? Would like to know more about that and also hear what others think about the situation.

  3. What North America REALLY needs is an active stance against the abuses of MARRIAGE. PERIOD. I don't see it happening soon though. There's just too much room for actual equity in pursuing such a gender neutral stance. Besides, some women might even get a little embarassed when certain facts begin to present themselves a little more clearly to the mainstream. Facts, such as the average lifespan of a North American woman being 10 to 12 years longer than that of a man, and that women are over four times more likely to resort to physical violence in the middle of a confrontation, or five times more likely to take out a contract on their spouse's life than a man do not exactly suit the Neo-Feminist Misandrist Agenda. ::::sigh:::: It's just not a fair world, is it?

  4. Abuse of any kind is a cycle, perpertrated by one generation onto another and so on.

    People who are abused have a responsibility to "wake up" and stop the cycle in their lifetime, whether male or female.

    Abuse is against the law. Even if you were once a victim, you are not sheilded from prosecution for it.

    If you do it, or you witness it and then fail to report it to law enforcement, I guess it is up to them to stop your cycle for you.