Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dead Children in Mohave County

Since dontkeepsweet mentioned the cemetery and the child deaths in Colorado City I thought I'd make a quick post to get conversation started.

Also, since receiving her suggestion the AAAP has been made aware of yet another recent and odd decision by the leaders of Mohave County, which leaves children less protected from preditors but I'll address that in another post.

As far as the child deaths in Northern Mohave County, I think in large part, the raw numbers speak for themselves.

The state of Arizona gave me as an investigator every reason to believe that they would purposefully shut down any investigation into the deaths of children in the polygamist community of Colorado City.

Until a federal task force is given the order to look into it, I believe nothing will ever be done to attempt to explain why the children of Colorado City are so accident prone, or why no case of domestic violence has ever been prosecuted there.

I was struck by something Flora said this week. It rang as clear and true as a bell the moment I heard it, "When people abuse children you can bet that animals are also suffering, because human preditors always start on animals."

And I instantly remembered this story:

It was 1873. Mary-Ellen was 9 years old when a church worker, Mrs. Etta Wheeler, who had been asked to visit the family, found Mary-Ellen shackled to her bed, grossly malnourished, scarred and badly beaten. Mrs. Wheeler was so appalled by what she saw that she went to the authorities to report this horrifying child abuse. The authorities turned her away.But Mrs. Wheeler refused to take no for an answer; she petitioned the American SPCA.Animals were protected, but children were not.Mrs. Wheeler appealed to the ASPCA that children were members of the animal kingdom, and must therefore be protected. It was on these grounds that the ASPCA did finally intervene.Mary-Ellen was removed from her abusive home, placed in foster care, where she thrived. She went on to marry, have 2 daughters, and Mary-Ellen lived to the age of 92.For more information about Mary-Ellen, the history of child abuse has more details.

People with a criminal lack of empathy or compassion usually practice on the most innocent, meaning animals, before moving on to children. If they can gain an animal's trust, and torture it, or successfully kill it, they know they can move on to a child, gain its trust and make it do what they want, too.

These are the kinds of things that run through my head when I think of polygamy in Colorado City, the Day Warren Jeffs had every dog, including every family pet in town, rounded up and shot in the streets, because a child in the community had died when attacked by dogs.

When I stand in the Babyland Cemetery or look at the pictures, or stare at the cemetery lists, I see something wrong that no one even seems to care one wit about. I see lots and lots of dead children, with no one explaining "why" at all. As an investigator, I see a cover up. It is really that simple. Every agency, state or local that I contacted gave me a run around. Every single one wanted desperately to stay "off the record" with any comment at all that might seem like they endorsed enforcing any laws or looking into the polygamist community's history of abuse.

Mohave County law enforcement: Dead End
Mohave County Health Department: Dead End
Mohave County Attorney's Office: Dead End
Mohave County Board of Supervisors: Dead End

Read Flora's book. The Arizona government has no intention of ever taking on polygamy, and they are proud of it. They allow this entire group of people to break federal laws, with no intension of ever prosecuting a one of them. They consistently work with polygamists to help them gain custody of their children, even when they have run away and are begging the state CPS system for protection from their parents and polygamy.

The AAAP considers all women and children of this nature to be American citizens with the right to flee sexual slavery and American concubinage. Any government official known to have participated in the violation of civil or human rights of one of these women or children will be noted and publicly exposed.


  1. Thanks k. Dee. I know that Flora and Linda also reported their findings in a letter to the FBI, but received no response.

    I was hopeful when Sen. Harry Reid called for a polygamy task force that this might be investigated, but then the the U.S. deputy district attorney Brent Tollman said he saw no need for a task force because they states are already working together.

    I'm curious to know why you think feds want to avoid investigating this, and why haven't they more diligently investigated reports of children taken over state lines and into Canada?

  2. dontkeepsweet: "I'm curious to know why you think feds want to avoid investigating this, and why haven't they more diligently investigated reports of children taken over state lines and into Canada?"

    All I have to offer are theories, which I hardly think would contribute meaningfully to the conversation.

    What I do know is that people who have left polygamy, and speak out, regularly receive death threats and strange things happen when you tick polygamists your Governor's mansion being torched.

    I cannot with any true facts tell you why the FBI has been so lazy, or why they didn't give a damn when I reported the fact that Warren Jeffs was allowed access to his own phone and laptop computer, right in his Mohave County Jail cell, while the first grand jury convened in Texas to indict him...and he was under a no contact order with his alleged victims.

    I have theories, but I'd rather just find the corruption and squeal until someone finally roots it out and prosecutes it.

    As always: Follow the money.

  3. Theres a article in San Angelo Texas newspaper today about why the LEAD attorney Charles Childress resigned. Seems they had PLENTY of evidence of Abuse, but CPS refused to stop children from being Non-Suited.

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