Monday, March 11, 2013

How to Abuse Children from Prison

The spiritual abuse of children in the FLDS continues. They are blamed for Warren Jeffs' sins! They are told that they aren't "Keeping Sweet," or praying enough, or being righteous enough while this monster sociopath abuses them with a beans and water only diet, right from his prison cell here in Texas!
Like any two-bit organized crime boss, Jeffs is still pulling all the strings of the members of the FLDS in Arizona and Utah. The only grocery store in the town has been shut down, and all the FLDS members deemed worthy enough to be a part of the New United Order,  are given an approved shopping list to go by when they go to St. George to buy their groceries. These are then brought back to The Crick and turned over to the community's storehouse, and each family is in turn given back what the leadership decides they need. Most families have gardens to supplement their food supplies but I imagine the pickings are slime this time of year. So if the leadership isn't giving them enough flour, meat fruits or vegetables to feed a family, but instead a supply of dried beans to feed their children, I'm not even sure how a mother with a conscience could cheat the system.
The day Ruby Jessop's children were rescued from Colorado City, there were cars wrapped around the storehouse for blocks. It was Warren's brother, Lyle Jeffs' birthday, and they were holding "A Smile With Lyle Day," at the storehouse. Each car was slowly pulling up to greet Lyle, get a smile from him, and a treat. The treat consisted of two marshmallows and an apple slice on a plate, for each car. I suppose if I were living on a rationed diet I might have been really excited to wait in line for a chance at a bite of apple or marshmallow, too. I know while I was on the Bean Fast last week that could have excited me. Imagine being in that line with a car load of kids and deciding who gets a bite!
If anyone wonders why I call the FLDS an organized crime family, help yourself to the facts here in Texas- Here:

And here's a taste of what you'll find in Texas' latest case against the FLDS organized crime family, including the practice of Bigamy, which is Texas' anti-polygamy statute...

Affiant will establish in said affidavit that Affiant has learned and believes that the violations of the Texas Penal Code have occurred at Suspected Place described in Section II above, namely violations of the following:1.

Texas Penal Code, Section 22.02, Aggravated Sexual Assault – first degree felony.2.
Texas Penal Code, Section 22.011, Sexual Assault – first and second degree felonies.3.
Texas Penal Code, Section 25.01(a) (1), Bigamy, (e) (2) – first degree felony, if the person is 16 years of age or younger at the time.4.
Texas Penal Code, Section 25.01(a) (1), Bigamy, (e) (1) – second degree felony, if the person is 17 years of age at thetime.5.
Texas Penal Code, Section 34.01, Money Laundering – first degree felony, if the value of the funds is $200,000 or more.6.
Texas Penal Code, Section 71 (a) (1), Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity – first degree felony.
So what is Texas going to do about the FLDS running a criminal operation in our state?

We're taking your ranch, Warren, the whole enchilada. Y'know, like when we seize the property of drug dealers? 

For a look at what the citizens of the State of Texas are about to own you can click here.



  1. So if the young children are being buried without the Mohave County Coroner ever seeing the bodies, I wonder how many more of these poor little mites were victims of fumerase deficiency. Come to that, I wonder how many of the ones that died in infancy even legally existed (on paper). I'm sure that all the healthy ones would be legally registered in order to qualify for more food stamps. This also begs the question, of the children legally registered, who might have subsequently passed away, how many of these deaths were reported to the authorities? Possible major social assistance fraud going on too.

  2. The social service fraud is not only well documented but completely unprosecuted. At the time of the raid on the YFZ Ranch in Texas, spokesman Willie Jessop called us liars and said not one woman or child was on public assistance. It turned out he was right. None of the residents of the ranch were on public assistance in Texas. Fast forward a year later, and it turns out that 99% of the women and children on the Texas ranch at the time of the raid were still collecting ARIZONA public assistance, even though many of them had been in Texas for years. Guess how many prosecutions Arizona launched in those cases. Yep, ZERO.