Friday, October 21, 2011

Like Hell I Won't

On Wednesday night I spent the evening at a security briefing by John Guandolo.

He covered a bunch of stuff I already knew.

During Q&A I asked him, in light of Daniel Pipes', with the Middle East Forum, assertion that polygamy is the most prevalent and dangerous aspect of Shariah law that the U.S. faces today, what did he think the federal government should do? I plainly identified myself as an anti-polygamy activist.

He shook his finger at me, strongly, and told me polygamy was not an issue and "You will not stop polygamy! You cannot stop polygamy!"

As you might imagine, I've been ruminating on that one for a while now. I walked out of that briefing, not upset, but resolute.

I'm certainly not surprised that this is the federal government's position on polygamy now. I'd just never heard one of them come right out and say it--out loud--for real.

The funny thing was as he was shaking that finger at me I wasn't thinking, "Oh no! What shall I do?" I was thinking, "Screw you, Bubba, screw you."

That's about what I left thinking of him, too.

I've tried telling people that the feds are already absolutely corrupt to the crime of polygamy, and people just look at me as though I have announced I was once abducted by an alien race... It's too much for them to process. The implications are too... well, nasty.

The subjugation of American women and children into a harmful form of slavery based on nothing but religious beliefs, called polygamy, is for some inexplicable reason considered not only harmless to women and children but something of "a right" for some men, as long as they continue to operate the whole slavery scam on a religious pretext... Good grief.

The only useful new information I learned at that "security briefing" Wednesday night, with Mr. Guandolo, is that the federal government has decided not to prosecute polygamy as a crime..and is now, obviously, with the nomination of Judge David Nuffer going to really rub it in all our faces.

I don't have anything else nice to say about Mr. Guandolo or the federal government, so I should probably just stop here but you know I won't.

I think I understand you, now:

Like Hell we won't, Mr. Guandolo. Hide and watch.


  1. We've fought too long and hard in this country for women's equality to let anyone push us back into the dark ages. Maybe if all of the states had ratified the ERA we wouldn't be facing this dilemma now, but the important thing is that women not be willing to give up one inch of progress in this ongoing fight for women's rights. As long as one gender is physically stronger than the other one, then there must be laws in place to protect the "weaker" one.

  2. Yes, we will end polygamy in America. Just as we ended slavery and we enabled women to vote and we enacted various other social reforms, so shall we protect the vulnerable, protect society, protect the confused from the harm that is polygamy. If Mr. Guandolo wants polygamy he should move to the Middle East (or some other backwards country that allows it) and REALLY enjoy what it does to a country.

  3. I'm sure a sociologist would explain it better than I. But women are what makes any civilization, well, civilized. No culture that has denigrated women has ever prospered. Even when the Muslims complain about the Christian Crusades, they forget to mention the evil whith which the Christians viewed their treatment of women and children. That was the entire basis for the Romantic and the chivalrous periods. Pure monogamous love, often courtly and never physically expressed became romanticized. Monogamy was the Christian ideal for a relationship between adults. The Christians adopted the Jewish tradition of acceptance of the Ten Commandments as genuinely sound doctrine for living.

    That doctrine, of the protection of women and children came all the way from the Romans who were the first to codify monogamous marriage as the building block of their society, all the way down to the wild west, where lots of men gave up their lives fighting Indians, while defending women and children. I can show you childrens's graves, who were killed by Indians all over the Texas Hill Country.

    People like to yammer on about the beliefs of Christians oppressing women, when the truth is, by spreading monogamy, they, like the Romans and the Jews, spread economic prosperity in their societies, which were varied.

    1 man for 1 woman, it's how we're born, 50/50 into this world. What sort of rational G-d could ever demand an unsustainable lifestyle from his creation? Whole classes of young men have to go without a wife...and must be driven out, and women must suppress their feelings so deeply that they share the company of their keeper with several other women, and their children, too.

    Running barefoot-25-testing for drugs, investigating incident, Big Willie...escape from Colorado City...days later: no charges planned...nothing criminal, move along, there is nothing to see but a disgruntled soon to be ex-wife..They are letting her go peacefully of her own free will..forget about her....and like that, she is disappeared... la la la...the women and children are none of your business. This is of course, a simple domestic issue.

    Yep. I see it as pretty simple, too.

    She tried to run away and they tried to stop her, but nobody wants to press any charges when these little domestic problems get out of hand, and a woman wants to leave....Bah!

    It got out of hand, when she escaped. At least they came and got her. I guess I sure hope the good guys would come looking for me if I were ever held somewhere, by someone, against my will.

    Heck, for all we know, she could have already "requested to be reassigned" to someone else.

    That's something, I suppose. Yee haw.

  4. Regarding Sister Wives and child Hunter -

    This kid is being asked to respect the 'adults' in the family when he knows that they are hypocrites. He is angry that he had to leave his home, he is angry that his Dad now has a new 'honey' and doesn't have time for him. To make it worse, his Dad went ahead and made a new family with his 'honey' instead of spending time with him in this time of stress.

    He is angry that his Dad calls him a 'monster'. AND, he is a hormone-raging teen boy. HE IS A BOY. A boy that needs a DAD to be a leader. He needs a father that is there more than one night every four days.