Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Eyes of Texas

There's an issue among those of us who oppose polygamy that needs to be addressed. Since the airing of the TLC show "Sister Wives", I have heard from more than one quarter that "I simply refuse to watch the garbage".

I understand. It was hard for me to tune in as well. I had to DVR it, so I could step away and have my fits of indignation. I understand those, and the need for them.

I have watched all 7 episodes of the show, exactly once, and I already have a list of issues, either lies the Browns have told, or obvious problems with their assertions that none of this polygamous behavior is coercive.

If any of you think that the opposition, the Plural Voices group, or the Safety Net Committee, or the governments of Utah and Arizona are skipping the show, or skipping looking at us, their opposition, you are wrong.

The AAAP has an online discussion group where we post empirical medical research done on the affects of polygamy on women and children. And guess who came to the party this week wanting to take a gander at our research? The email address ends in utah.gov.

I know it is hard to look at this stuff, whether because of basic human principle or because all our sensibilities are so offended when we look at it, but that's what we're here for, isn't it?

Believe me, more than once when someone has expressed interest in "what I do", they have told me, "Wow, this stuff is really a bummer, isn't it?"

Yes, it's a bummer. That's why everyone isn't an anti-polygamy activist. It takes someone strong to continue looking right back at evil behavior and to stand your ground and say, "I'm watching YOU!"

I have yet to go back and re-watch the 7 "Sister Wives" episodes. Maybe I'll need a stiff drink or something to get through it. But my point is that in just one viewing I spotted many lies and inconsistencies. I need more eyes willing to watch and ask questions.

Utah is obviously gearing up for a full court press to decriminalize this human blight. They aren't asking for access to the research we've compiled because they don't think it is a threat. They are there to find holes.

Don't you think, as activists, we should be looking back?

Well? Don't you?


  1. I'll gag through the episodes... Anything to help...
    After talking to yet another woman in our Faith group... not FLDS...This gal told me a story of a man that married his second wife, a foreign exchange student,shortly after she turned 18. This young student had been living with his family previously.
    I wish people would think multi-generational when they consider polygamy harmless. Just pause and think... what does the future hold for our daughters..?

  2. Totally agree with you Bootsie. Must try and watch the episodes. Well actually I did try and watch them but I obviously clicked on the wrong thing because I ended up with bad stuff on my computer , you know , virus type stuff. A friend is coming round sometime this week who is a Wiz on the computer. I'll ask him to help me try and download the episodes , hopefully virus free. But I will watch them somehow and when I do Bootsie , if I notice anything that I think could be of interest to you , then it will be straight in your message box.
    Sounds like you have already found a lot of holes in what they are saying Bootsie , very sad that they don't want to look at your reseaech. Even sadder if you're right about them gearing up to try and decriminalise this abominable practice.
    Well you're doing a good job Bootsie , on behalf of everyone who cares about this noble cause , Thank You !

  3. Thanks, Judith. You have no idea how much I appreciate your support.

    Even little things, like the fourth soon to be concubine, Robyn, who stood over her son looking irked while he was standing over a collage of pictures of her and her new owner, Kody, and the glass was shattered.

    You can bet your bottom dollar that the camera crew wasn't invited to film that boy or get his real feelings about joining the Brown family.

    All we'll ever have to go on is him standing over that shattered collection of pictures.

    Then of course, on the day of her "wedding" to Kody, he showed up to help, which consisted of taking that same little boy by the back of the neck and getting him down the hallway, away from his mother....so everyone could make their date with felony on schedule.

    Then her children locked her out of the car as she stood there holding her wedding dress in the street...

    Don't you wonder how those children must really feel? Eyes, eyes, we need eyes.

    Thank you!