Sunday, November 21, 2010

Canadian Supreme Court Case Begins Monday

And here would be the "temple bed", complete with pop up crib railings, found outside tiny Eldorado, in Schleicher County. Doncha gotta wonder if Texas shared that tape of a twelve year old little girl being raped on that uh, alter, with the help of two of Warren's concubines?

Does society have to tolerate all the rituals of any religion to be practiced? Did Warren Jeffs have an inherent or intrinsic right to rape a little girl in the name of Joseph Smith or of his god?

I know the Office of the Attorney General here in Texas contributed over 50 lbs of written and electronic media evidence, in aid of Canada on this case, to show what was happening in the purest form of fundamentalist Mormon polygamy in North America.

Ron Skolrood, a constitutional lawyer in Vancouver, said
"Does the law address real social evils today? Or is it, as the challengers would say, an antiquated law that really has no relevance today?"

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G-d Bless Canada!

I sure hope everyone is praying for their women.


  1. Hi Boots. Unbelievable that lawyers can be found to stick up for a cult that commits such abominable practises. Although I suppose that they mostly come from their own ranks.
    Well Godbless you Boots.

  2. You'd be surprised where they DO come from, Steve!