Saturday, October 16, 2010

Muslim Polygamy in America

Watching this, or interviews with the Browns of TLC's Sister Wives, one comes away with the same explanation from the ladies of the doctrine of submission. 'It is my god's will so I will live in submission to it, even though I admit it hurts me and creates pain in my life that even I can't explain or understand.'

And both seem to have the same answer, too. "My suffering will be rewarded by my god, and it is not for me to question my god's prophet for making me suffer, so I must submit and learn to keep sweet, it is making me a better person."

So I guess life will be better when they're dead?

That's some high goals, girls.

And while they fit very nicely into Sharia law, they have no place in a free country for women. You do not have the right to raise little American girls to submit to the felony crime of polygamy, in exchange for their spiritual salvation.

Those aren't constitutional goals, so good luck with that at the SCOTUS.

Abuse isn't a recognized religion.


  1. Dear Boots. Well done for challenging these corrupting ideas that are a danger to our precious female population in what is left of the free world.

    Would just like to say that in the bible Sarah asked her husand Abraham to do something and the scripture says that -

    " And the matter was VERY DISPLEASING in Abraham's sight."

    But The Lord said to Abraham -

    Genesis 21 v 9 - 12.

    So Abraham with a little nudge from the Lord dutifully submitted to his wife's request.

    As we know Abraham is looked upon as a Father by Judaism, Christianity, Islam and all of their various sects and offshoots.

    The life of Abraham is an example to them all.
    The example that we see here , is that in a
    dispute between a husband and wife G-d DOES NOT always put the wife in the wrong.
    If he does choose to intervene then he is just as likely to intervene on the side of the wife as he is on the side of the husband.
    Also in Israel there was a childless couple and the angel of the Lord APPEARED TO THE WIFE , TOLD HER that she was to have a son and GAVE HER personal instructions regarding her lifestyle and about how he was to be raised.
    After recounted all this information to her husand he then prayed and asked the Lord if they could have another visitation.

    The Lord heard his prayer and sent the angel TO HIS WIFE AGAIN. This time she ran and fetched her husband. A careful reading of what the angel said to the husband reveals that his instructions were mainly for , and concerning his wife.
    Judges 13 v 1 - 14.

    These verses clearly demonstrate and set precedent that when God has instructions for one of his daughters , he does not always speak to her through her husband , he can also bypass her husband and speak directly to her , as indeed he did on the two occassions here before us.

  2. Hi Boots.
    Would just like to say that although the points that I made above are not directly concerning your post which was about polygamy.
    Yet indirectly , as you know , some of these polygamous groups use religion including parts of the bible to try and justify their abuse of women and children. And it is these aspects of their abuse that I have sought to undermine.

    Would also like to say that the issues mentioned above in which G-d honored the two women were absolutely massive.The first one was concerning who was the true heir of the promises that G-d had given to Abraham. And the son of the childless couple was Samson the deliverer of Israel from their enemies.

  3. Yes, as often as these cult leaders quote scripture to justify the revival of keeping women in concubinage, I have yet to see one launch the same argument to justify the taking and keeping of slaves, which is also in there, along with stoning of disobedient children...

    Their new found "discovery" seems to stop at multiple sexual partners, for now.

    It is also interesting that in every recorded case of scriptural polygamy, there was strife, anger, jealousy and sadness associated with its practice.

  4. But on a purely secular note, it is quite obvious to a proponent of liberty that polygamy creates victims. The degree of course varies from harem to harem.

    I know a lot of law enforcement, and I have yet to ever meet one who said they had at one time or another busted in on a home with a lot of women and one old guy, that things were good in there, lol.

    The Browns are a hand picked representative for the polygamous community in Utah and Arizona.

    The Safety Net Committee picked them, using a home study and a risk analysis.

    The Safety net was formed in response to activists begging the federal government to do something to help women who wanted out of polygamy.

    Instead, Utah's Attorney General has apparently funneled that money into the Safety Net, who are instead using it to lobby for the decriminalization of the practice.

    So, let's see, Utah's top law enforcement officer seems to have taken the money to help women who want out of polygamy and diverted it into an organization designed to keep women in polygamy?

    Gee, that's funny. The women I met, a lot of whom were in hiding in small neighborhoods in Utah, weren't getting much help from the Safety Net...unless they wanted free counseling with their "husband" and other "sister wives".

    I seem to remember hauling a trailer loaded down with food, clothes, blankets, toys, books and even furniture up there...and everything we had was gone, within 48 hours.

    Flora would haul in her laptop and case file, and we would trot back and forth, usually with the help of five children, carrying in whatever she needed most, from food to books.

    If the Safety Net and Utah AG have lead anyone to believe that there are no women and children living in fear that their former polygamist families will take their children from them, using the court system, they have done a disservice to the public.

    Some of those women come from the AUB.

    Funny, that's the same polygamist group that the Browns belong to as well.

    The AUB has been in serious financial trouble as well, since they were found to be guilty of stealing money from a member, and have been ordered to pay in back. Maybe that means members who can give more, will get more power in the org.

    Gee, some are saying that there are some within the AUB who do not approve of the new scrutiny brought to bear upon the AUB for these TLC video shenanigans by Kody Brown and his wives.

    To say the desire in Utah to prosecute any polygamy is anemic, might be the understatement of the century.

    I'm not expecting any real prosecution of the Browns. I think the powers that be just want this to go away now.

    It was a PR stunt, a good one.

    Now that the whole series is over tonight, I think it's time to start talking about some of the things we've learned about the Browns.