Sunday, October 3, 2010

Liberty or Death

There she is, the symbol carried into the battle of San Jacinto, sent to us with courage, love and prayers, many prayers, from the women of Kentucky and Ohio.

Look at what the mothers of Texas freedom sent to us. They called her the goddess of liberty. This was period high art, rich with symbolism, crafted to hold meaning for us all, as free Texas women.

Is she sitting down, or is she standing up? One can see her as preparing to do either, really. She could be in the process of sitting down to peacefully enjoy her victory or she could be in the process of standing up, to defend her liberty.

And as Judge Andrew Napolitano was recently quoted as saying, "It's liberty or death! It is not liberty or safety!" If the government gives you safety but not liberty it is a tyrant.

Interesting that the Safety Net Committee, which is funded with Utah resident's tax dollars has never assisted one single woman or child to leave polygamy.

Their funds, resources, assets and energy all seem to have gone into a concerted effort to find a family and contribute to its commission and advertising of a felony.

All this, while I have met and seen women who have fled exactly this group of polygamists.

Congratulations, now you are all out with your intentions. Now let me explain ours.

Texas will remain a free state for women, where anyone who carries the designation of "wife" is equal to her male husband in the eyes of the LAW.

Equal. Not 1/3 or 1/5 or 1/19th of an invested party in the legal union, but 1/2.

If I am a married woman, in the state of Texas, I am an equal.

Don't tell us that there aren't women who are desperate to get out of the AUB, of which the Brown family are members. Don't try to tell me that your "Safety Net" is there to help THEM. We know better.

So here is my intention for the state of Texas.

Texas is a free state for women, not a concubine state.

We have a legal system and a non corrupt law enforcement team, which has proven it will use the law to PROTECT women and children.

So to any woman in the American west, or in any American city hiding under a hijab too, if you can read these words, and you want out, contact us. We will help you escape polygamy and get you to the only place you seem to have a prayer, Texas.

We will get you and your children here to Texas and we will arrange hiding for you for at least six months, until you and your children are qualified for Texas citizenship. We will get you protected.

Yes, take a good look at her, she is no concubine.

She has never traded her liberty for her safety.


  1. Bravo Bootsie !

    Thank you for caring , what else can I say , you are an inspiration.

  2. Aw, someone sounds like the grapes of wrath has set their teeth on edge....