Monday, December 14, 2009

A Request sent to Canada

December 13, 2009

Hon. Michael de Jong
Attorney General
Government of British Columbia

Dear Hon. Michael de Jong:

If there is no prohibition against a non-Canadian organization participating, the board of directors of Americans Against Abuses of Polygamy is interested in the reference proceedings regarding the ruling on the polygamy law in Canada. As Executive Director, I wish to receive a) a copy of the reference questions; and, b) a letter inviting the AAAP to apply to the Court to be added as a party or intervener in these proceedings.

The cultural practice of polygamy has been identified by the United Nations as a recognized human rights abuse of women, worldwide. Part of the stated mission of the AAAP is to educate the public on the inherent abuses of the cultural practice of polygamy. Empirical medical research around the globe clearly shows that polygamy is both physically and psychologically harmful to women and children. Polygamy, regardless of the religion used to justify its practice, is an abuse of the rights of women to receive equal standing and treatment with males. We can identify no culture on earth where polygamy is practiced that women agree to this demoralizing "lifestyle", without being raised to believe they must submit to it for reasons of religion.

We are grateful that the government of Canada is finally addressing the question of whether this ancient, oppressive and barbaric practice has any place within an egalitarian democracy.



K. Dee Ignatin
Executive Director
Americans Against Abuses of Polygamy
Abuse is not a religion:

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