Saturday, December 19, 2009

Angry, Humbled, Surprised and Verclempt

I got angry a few times, was surprised by a few things and was choked up three different times as I sat through the last day of testimony in the Keate case in Eldorado.

I was angry when I listened to Dr. Write from San Angelo testify that in his expert opinion the chances Mr. Keate would ever repeat his offense if he were granted probation by the jury were "tiny". That burned me up. In one breath he was testifying about how Mr. Keat was simply a religious and highly conscientious man trying to fulfill the tenets of his faith and in the next declaring him of being at an infinitesimally small risk of repeating his offense.

I'm always angered by blatant ignorance. If the man was so conscientious about maintaining obedience to his faith, what on earth could lead an expert to testify there was only a "tiny" risk that he would repeat the offense? His offense was, indeed, caused by his conscientious adherence to his faith, through perfect obedience to his "prophet".

I was also angered by the character witness who winged his way down here from Utah to testify what good character Mr. Keate had. In one breath he was giving sworn testimony about the nature of his relationship to Mr. Keate being a business relationship, upon which millions of dollars of business had been conducted on a simple handshake, and in the next, when asked by the prosecutor if Mr. Keate's conviction for sexually assaulting a minor child had changed his opinion of the man, he was saying "It has not". He testified that he had lunch with Mr. Keate on several occasions and had been fishing with him. His biggest endorsement of his character was that Mr. Keate had never even told him a good "fish story". When the prosecutor asked Mr. Rostenburger if Mr. Keate had ever mentioned any of his wives [naming his legal spouse and each of his concubines], he said "no" to every one.

How do you manage to do "millions of dollars of business on a handshake", have multiple lunches and go on fishing trips with someone and never hear a single word about their spouse or the love[s] of their life? Yeah, these women obviously mean a lot to him.

For the first portion of the testimony I sat with Mr. Keate's family and friends. I was surrounded by FLDS members. I never mind if they look at my notes as long as they don't mind if I peek at theirs, too.

The only time it freaked me out was when Willie passed me and his butt brushed my hand. Antibacterial soap took care of the after effects of the internal "eeww". I was quite irritated a couple of times when we were asked to "all rise" for the entrance or departure of the jury and Willie was yammering on in conversation with the people sitting around him. I wanted to say, "Hey, dude, that's a jury of Texans doing a sacred civic duty. Show some respect and shut yer yapper!" But I just shot him an icy stare and pursed my lips in disapproval.

I can never see Willie that the boy in the window of his house in Cedar City doesn't haunt me. I see that baby in my dreams sometimes. I figure that is more a reflection of my own psyche than anything else. Having buried the only son I will ever have, it is beyond me to think of a little boy looking so lost and unloved. For me, he is the literal poster child of the Lost Boys. Every time Willie says, "there is no victim" my stomach churns and I wonder where the bruised little boy in the window is now, what his name is, who holds him when he is hurt or if he goes to bed at night wishing someone would love him. I sometimes picture myself scooping him up into my arms, hugging him and stroking his hair, whispering to him about what a good boy he is... These are things I try to let go of... like death, which Lonesome Dove's Captain Woodrow Call was right about, “The best thing you can do with death is ride off from it".

Sometime that morning I ran into a character involved in this drama and was informed they read my blog. I was shocked, and quite humbled. I know many people read it and never comment but it truly was a surprise, and I will cherish that little revelation for a long time.

I have never said anything here about the Deputy Attorney General for Criminal Justice of the Office of the Attorney General, Mr. Eric Nichols. I have held my tongue [something I rarely do] and waited to see what would happen as these trials progressed. I have to say I was surprised. I was very pleasantly surprised by the tact taken by Mr. Nichols during sentencing.

Mr. Nichols is slowly building a case against polygamy. He is not building a case based on persecution of the FLDS, or of Joseph Smith or any religion. Mr. Nichols is wading into the water of going after polygamy as an abuse of women. I was stunned when I saw it for myself. The defense was adamant in it's continual objection to the testimony of Dr. Lawrence Beal. At one point Mr. Wilson, Keate's attorney, jumped up and insisted that Dr. Beal's testimony was irrelevant to the case and that the generalities of identifying polygamy as an abuse would prove grossly prejudicial to the jury, since the case was not about polygamy. Twice within a ten minute period Judge Walther asked the jury to get back up and leave the courtroom to hash the issue out. She overruled his objections and allowed his testimony, basically saying that his testimony that polygamy is abuse was indeed relevant to the case. His paper is currently undergoing a peer review process.

Nothing, however, could have prepared me for Assistant Attorney General Angela Goodwin, who was given fifteen minutes of the prosecution's allotted time in the closing argument phase. She succinctly explained the betrayal of trust that Keate's victim had endured, along with three of his daughters. She asked the jury to send a message to the victim and to all the girls on the YFZ that she is free, they are Americans, they have rights, they can say "no". This is America and they have choices. They do not have to get married or have babies if they don't feel they are ready. I sat spellbound listening to her almost gently say these things and I felt my chest tighten, my lips quiver and the tears filling my eyes. She was speaking for women, giving us a voice in that courtroom. I had to swallow hard to keep from "losing it". When she was done I had to clasp my hands together, lest I begin clapping.

Mr. Wilson, in his closing arguments, reminded me of a character actor delivering a soliloquy as Benjamin Franklin. I must say his frumpy physical appearance is a dead ringer for the founding father, right down to the balding head on top, with longer hair in a blunt cut on the back and wire rimmed glasses.

Someone later told me that he was suffering stomach problems and had been forced more than once to run for the bathroom. He was also, according to a source, caught twice smoking in the bathroom and run out and chastised by the Rangers. This was [again according to a source] after he had been twice before locked out of the courtroom when he had run out for a quick smoke previously. Mr. Wilson, to me, seemed like a man who was doing the best with what he had, which wasn't much. He was obliged to give a competent defense for Mr. Keate. He had to defend the indefensible. He had to argue, using freedom of religion, that his client deserved probation.

I was angry when he told the jury that Mr. Keate was guilty of nothing more than trying to serve his G-d. He actually said that the state of Texas, the government was waging a "religious war" on the FLDS, and asked them if next Texas might come after parents who allow their children to take communion, "Will the Catholics be next"? Then he pandered to the jury's two black members, using the civil rights movement and comparing a woman who simply wanted to ride a bus to the FLDS trying to be true to their faith. Um, yeah, sips of communion wine/child rape...same deal, uh hu, okay.

My opinion? Poor Mr. Wilson should have a blessed Christmas holiday and the greatest gift he could possibly have is that this stressful nightmare, and his role in it, is over. I think his rumored tummy troubles should all go away now, and quite possibly his nicotine intake will level off as well. Those of us who smoke know that stress drives you to smoke more than you should. I almost felt sorry, and afterwords relieved for him. I've always adored Benjamin Franklin.

Mr. Nichols closed strongly. He is an astute practitioner of his field. I cannot say I ever warmed to him on any personal level but I was impressed with his litigation skills. He hammered home the fact that this girl "believed” to please G-d, she must please Mr. Keate and that he had her ticket to the celestial kingdom in his hands. She had no choice but to submit and obey. He asked them to think about Mr. Wilson's argument that this was a religious right and said, "They just don't get it". He tackled the comparison to the civil rights movement and again said, "They don't get it". He asked the jury to show them that they do “get it”.

When it was over I had to go up to Ms. Goodwin. I threw my arms around her and gave her a big long hug and said "Thank you, thank you, thank you". When we finally let go I saw that she was about to cry, too. I didn't want anyone to see me cry so I was trying to pull it back together but I was honestly shaking in my boots. I was verclempt for sure. I wished Flora could have been there to hear what I had heard.

After the jury was sent into deliberation, as I was leaving two young FLDS boys [I call them boys but am sure they were 18 or over] were lurking around the car as I was getting in and they were pointing and laughing at my signage, which reads "POLYGAMY IS ABUSE". I was in the middle of leaving a message for Flora and rolled down my window when I saw them start taking pictures of me with their camera phones, "Hey y'all, Flora says hey!” Then I backed up to leave, briefly blocking in their vehicle and took a couple of pictures of their license plate.

What I heard in that courtroom was a vindication of my faith. I do not believe in the Fed but with everything inside of me, I do believe in Texas. I always have.

I would like to thank Greg Abbott, Eric Nichols, Angela Goodwin, the Texas Rangers, Judge Barbara Walther, Sheriff David Doran and his staff, the citizens of Eldorado and Scleicher County and most of all the jury members for giving me undeniable proof that the faith I have, and have always had in Texas is justified.

After the sentence was read I ran from the courtroom just like last time but this time I was shouting for joy, "G-D BLESS TEXAS!" as I ran for the vehicle to call my friend Flora who wanted so badly to be free and no one would help her as a child.

I believe, I believe, I believe....

The eyes of Texas are upon you all the live long day....


  1. Justice has been done in Texas! I wish that all cases were as clear cut as this one. From the experiences of someone close to me, I have discovered that the "Law" and what is "just" do not necessarily go hand in hand. The lady concerned lives in Utah, and left home with her young children because she came to the realization that she no longer wanted her children to be raised in an illegal lifestyle, and in a lifestyle which she believes to be damaging to both children and their mothers. When it came to the courts deciding where the children should be, the Utah judge stated that the fact that the father was living polygamously bore no relevance in the case, and that he didn't want to hear anything about it. Thankfully she was awarded custody, but with ample visitation rights allowing the father to have the children in his polygamous home, to take them to his church meetings for further indoctrination, and to have one of the "other mothers" step in to the true mother's place. To add insult to injury, the children's mother is not allowed to say anything “negative” to her children about their father's religion (including the fact that a vital part of this "religion" is illegal!) She is now left wondering if she should in fact have stayed put in a miserable situation in order to better protect her children. At least she would have had the freedom to have taught them exactly what she believed, to act as a filter for what they were hearing, and also to have just “been there” at all times for them. Her story may make women think twice about leaving. How sad.

  2. Freebird,

    Your point is well taken. I have been saying the same thing since my return to Texas last year. We need legislation that will protect anyone who wants to leave this illegal lifestyle.

    I saw the very same thing up in Utah and Arizona, over and over. Some women are not fortunate enough to be given custody at all.

    Instead the corrupt judges grant custody to the father saying they can show income and means to care for the children. The mother is left with nothing and the chilling message to the other women is "don't you leave or you will lose your children, too".

    Since polygamy is a felony, my argument is that anyone [male or female] who leaves with their children should be given automatic custody of the children as long as they are not judged an unfit parent and they will cooperate with prosecutors.

    This would send the exact opposite message. This would empower women in Texas to leave with their children knowing that the law would be on their side.

    If we could get such legislation passed, I think our chances of having women leave would go up greatly.

    Just as in the pre-civil war days, there were "Free states" and "Slave states", this would make Texas a "Free state" for women. As far as I'm concerned I would like to see the women of Utah and Arizona fleeing to Texas with their children, knowing once they were here, we would protect them. They would never have to walk into a courtroom wondering if a judge was going to take their children from them and force them to make such horrible decisions.

    Polygamy is slavery for women. She cannot say anything negative about his illegal choices or behavior? Someone explain to me how that is NOT judicial corruption!

  3. Gosh Bootsy, I really can't accuse you of being a hypocrite. In contrast to your fellow bigots on the other blogs, your viewpoint is remarkably consistent. You and Flora are adamant that the women are not "brainwashed", though my opinion is 180 degrees from yours, that is one thing we steadfastly agree on. Unfortunately for you, that is the chief reason why your compadres occasionally snipe at you on the other blogs. If the women are not painted as "brainwashed victims", it will be difficult if not impossible, to convince the public that an all out "ethnic cleansing" is necessary.

    She asked the jury to send a message to the victim and to all the girls on the YFZ that she is free, they are Americans, they have rights, they can say "no". This is America and they have choices. They do not have to get married or have babies if they don't feel they are ready

    The problem with this statement is obvious. Did anyone ask this "victim" how she felt? Who asked her about her opinion or if she thought she was ready to have babies? How old is she now...19, 20? Since she is now an adult and you and I agree that she is not "brainwashed" how is it that the prosecutor or anyone else can speak for her

    I don't know much 'bout polygee-mee but do know that the men and women of the FLDS along with the AUB, CP, Kingstons, et al will never submit to the "Gentile" viewpoint. Violence against them will only make them stronger and bring them closer together. Warren Jeffs ambition was to make the FLDS "perfectly united in mind and body". Texas is doing far more to achieve that goal than Warren could have ever dreamed.

    Do you not find it ironic that accomplishing your version of "freedom" and "real choices" would probably necessitate the use of force and violence this country has not seen since the Civil War?

    Take a look at Afghanistan, how many of our young men must be sacrificed in that meat grinder before we come to our senses and realize you can't force people to change their cultural values by force of arms?
    The Soviet Union learned their lesson, when will we learn ours?

    It took 2 atomic bombs to force Japan to submit, yet our goal of unconditional surrender could not be accomplished as we had to allow them to keep their Emperor.


  4. Boots, I just want to say "Kudos to you". Very nice and informative report. I have to admit that I teared up as I read it.

    I have been reading a lot of the blogs about the FLDS and had never heard of them prior to April '08. I usually don't post I guess because I don't feel I am on the same level as most of the posters as I am not highly educated or have a lot of knowledge about history or the world in general so probably would get trampled since I wouldn't be able to keep up with everyone if I tried to interact. But I do have knowledge of what it's like to be molested by family members and actually brutally raped by a stranger all by the time I was 14 yrs old. Now I am an old woman but can still hear the words said to me while it was happening as if it was yesterday. Still makes me cringe. My heart goes out to these young girls/children/women that are exposed to this carp on a daily basis.

    I am a person who is what some of the posters call a "lurker". I have been here since the "rescue attempt". I call it an "attempt" cause in my opinion the ball was dropped midstream by CPS. However, I am elated that at least LE are nailing some of the pervs to the wall. This should have been stopped a long long time ago but as we all know, it wasn't and now it is out of control. My hats off to you and the others for what you guys are doing to bring this out into the open.

    And Duane, I knew that was you posting just by the malarkey you were spouting before I ever even got down to your name sign off. Open your eyes, this is not fun and games. Yes, these girls that are forced into this lifestyle before they are old enough to know what they are getting into is abusive. Just because they don't come forward to claim it means NOTHING! I never told anyone about what happened to me but that doesn't make me a non-victim! I was a kid and was afraid I would be in trouble if I said anything so I bore the pain silently. It has effected many aspects of my life. I only say something now because all that hurt me are now dead. I have no worry of any repercussion anymore for speaking out. You and all others that want to claim "no victims" just because they don't say anything make my skin crawl. Hopefully, you and your other buds are not in positions of being able to act on your beliefs that would in turn hurt children.

    Sorry, didn't mean to rant. The only time I have posted on any of the blogs before which is maybe once or twice is because I had to vent. Hadn't planned to do that this time. Only wanted to thank Boots and her cohorts for the job they are doing. Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading from people that have seen it personally and will continue to follow this story even though you may not see me post. I look forward to anyone that can be proven guilty of these crimes be sentenced to prison for a long time. Hopefully, the message will sink in eventually that this carp must stop making it safer for the ones coming up to the "marrying age" later. What has happened to the ones in the past can't be changed or undone, but hopefully the future will be better for them and their children.


  5. Thanks for a great thread Boots!

    Yes, Wilson didnt have much to work with, he had some dirt and some water and played around with it till he got all muddy.

    The evidence was shocking. The sentence, acceptable, he wont reasonably expect parole until he is over 80 - and impotent.

  6. Boots,
    so do you have an in with some lawyer to draft the proposed custody law? It would take some thinking about whether or not it would apply to other felonies ... The draft would have to rather carefully worded I image. Have you actually asked TBM or RIHouston what they think?

    ps kasoe - was a lurker for a very long time - go ahead and post, your experience is enough education for anyone to have....

  7. Great Post Boots! Keep up the Good work.

  8. Thank you Hello, maybe I will give it a shot. I have learned so much from all the "logical" posters over this past year-plus. You "good people" know who I am referring to. I am fully aware of the "other" posters that you just go "HUH?!? - WTH!" and want to pull your hair out. Right now, guess I better go get my Christmas shopping done. As usual, wait til the last minute. Hope you all have a good day.

  9. hey boots. thanks for the commentary for all of us who wish we could have been there.

  10. I never told anyone about what happened to me but that doesn't make me a non-victim! I was a kid and was afraid I would be in trouble if I said anything so I bore the pain silently

    Ok, were you a 16 year old who willingly consented to sex with an older dude who subsequently got busted for stat rape?
    I'm curious, how many 15-16-17 year olds, male or female who willingly had sex with an older partner that was later convicted of stat rape think of themselves as crime victims along the same lines as a woman who was forcibly raped at knifepoint in a back alley or an 8 year old sexually assaulted by a pervert uncle? Elissa Wall is a victim of Lamont Barlow as she was 17 and he was 25 as the AOC in Arizona is 18. Is she a "victim" of Lamont?
    The women I know who had sex with "old men" back in High school don't see themselves as victims one iota. Perhaps they are the exception to the rule but I seriously doubt it.

    While everyone rants about underage sex and giddy about the convictions so far, the elephant in the room is polygamy. I am most anxious to see if Texas wimps out on prosecuting Wendell Neilson as they did with Hawkins. Will they pursue polygamy charges sans child molestation?
    Time will tell.


  11. Oh, I do have one more comment b-4 I go shopping. I looked at the picture below of the baby cemetery and my first thought was, how sad. That is the most unkept, disrespected looking area that should be,in my opinion, a very well maintained place since it is for something very precious, their babies. My husband said it looked like a mine field. Again, how sad.

  12. FreeBird,

    Nobody needs an advanced degree to share their views or opinions. What we do need in this fight are people like yourself who are willing to come forward and say that unreported abuse does indeed happen all the time.

    I was violently assaulted by my birth father as a child I didn't tell anyone about it for years afterward. I was ashamed and felt it was somehow my fault.

    Abusers count on those feelings, all the time.

    Please feel free to jump into the fray anytime and like everyone else, feel free to ignore the troll when he wanders into the room.

  13. HHG:

    We tried in Arizona to get one like I talked about passed, to no avail. So it was stripped to the bones of the text below, simply saying they can't award custody to someone who has been found to have practiced polygamy using CHILDREN.

    It was never allowed onto the floor for a vote...blocked at every turn...hard to believe, huh?

    This is what I keep saying about Utah and Arizona. They REFUSE to protect their CHILDREN from these jerks! They won't even enact legislation to protect children from known abusers! Polygamy has FREE REIGN! It is a FREE PASS to abuse children. Can anyone here even imagine any Texas elected official refusing to sign this or attempting to block a vote on it?

    Sorry it is messy...does not copy well from Google documents at all. Anyone who wants copies of all of the attempted legislation we tried can email me and I will send you Pdfs or word docs to review.

    HB 2009 482R House Bill Summary Page1 of 1
    HB 2009
    child bigamy child custody
    Sponsor Representative Lujan
    Committee on Human Services
    Committee on Judiciary
    Caucus and COW
    House Engrossed

    HB 2009 forbids the Superior Court from granting child custody or unsupervised parental visitation to individuals who participate in child bigamy.

    History child bigamy Statute ARS 133609 currently defines as an act committed by An adult who marries a child while the adult already has a spouse. An adult who directs causes or controls either alone or in association with others the marriage between a child and a person who already has a spouse.

    An adult who marries a child who already has a spouse. Anyone regardless of age who transports or finances the transportation of a child to promote the childs marriage to someone who already has a spouse or if the child already has a spouse.

    Child bigamy is a Class 3 felony and carries a presumptive sentence of three and a half years in prison for a first offense


    Prohibits the Superior Court from granting physical or legal custody or unsupervised parenting time with a child to an individual who has practiced child bigamy and will continue to participate in such activities in the future.

    Requires the Court to make a written finding if it otherwise believes that granting such custody or visitation does not pose a significant risk to the child.

    Forty eighth Legislature
    Second Regular Session
    2January 29 2008



  14. I really don’t know why I’m responding to Duane, but ok, I’ll play for a minute. There’s soooooo much I could say but I’m not going to go into details. I’ll try to be brief. Because I didn’t have parents that cared about me, and I don’t mean that I didn’t have parents, they were two of the abusers. I had no guidance in how to grow up with self confidence and hope in life. So after my history with the “family”and others, plus all the carp I dealt with starting at a very young age up into my teens, I had a really bad attitude about life in general and became promiscuous, among other things. Something that I’m not proud of. So Duane, yes and no, let’s put it this way, I was a STUPID 15, 16 yr old that THOUGHT she knew it all who had consensual sex with “older dudes”, if you want to call early to mid twenties old, but they were too old for me by law, that SHOULD have been charged with stat rape. They were the adults, knew the law, should have known better than to approach me and become intimate with me. Instead they should have taken control of the situation telling me that I was too young to be in that situation, didn’t know what I was dealing with, too young for them and then take me home. We should NOT have been having sex. I can remember ONE guy, who was considerably older than me that did just that. I wish I knew who he was because I would like to thank him for being a gentleman and protecting me when I didn’t know I needed protecting. 15, 16, 17 yrs olds, even older in some, much less any younger, are not mature enough to fully understand the full scope of sexual relationships and having babies. By the way, I also had a baby 1 ½ months after my 17th birthday. So you see Duane, I have been on both ends of the spectrum and yes, I was a victim in both situations because by law, I was a child. If only I knew then what I know now. You can harp til you’re blue in the face and I will still think these guys are wrong in what they are doing to their LITTLE girls! I have three granddaughters, 11, 14 and 15 and by some idiots standards, marrying age! All I can say is that there would be no wall, barbed wire, lookout tower, wee Willie or anything else that could keep me from getting to them if I knew that someone was doing to them what the FLDS girls are subjected to on a daily basis and I’m basing this on information that’s in their own records. As far as Elissa goes, I don’t know any facts about her or any situations that she may have been in so I will reserve my judgements on that. I have been around here in the background long enough to know that your”facts” can’t be trusted.

  15. Oh, forgot to sign it. Anon 12-19 10:03pm is kasoe

  16. Kasoe,

    You are so right. After my abuse- life sped up. I was married for the first time at sixteen and a very ill equipped mother, well before my eighteenth birthday. I thought that was the only future I had.

    Girls who have healthy self esteem are not looking to find themselves through men.

    I can still remember coming home from my first speech tournament in Dallas at the Ursuline Academy, where I took first place. I was thirteen years old and so proud of myself. Then my mom informed me as I stood there on the stairs with my prize that I could forget college, because they could never afford it. It was like all the hope just left me after that.

    I think one reason many of us have been touched so deeply by the abuses we have seen within the FLDS is because we experienced abuse to some degree ourselves as children. Fortunately we had the benefit of living in a great country and were able to do something to help us recover from the circumstances. We were free and we had choices.

    Even if we haven't had the best or easiest life, we have been free.

    The thought of someone not being free to escape it, that's what rips me up inside.

  17. Boots,
    What can I say that everyone hasn't already? With cameras not allowed in the courtroom, I would think that it would be overwhelming trying to capture everything.

    I sure am grateful for those that are able to share what they saw and heard.

    One person might be looking towards the left and another towards the right and wouldn't you know something in the middle was missed.

    More eyes in that courtroom the better I say.

    boots do you know if Betty and Carolyn were able to visit?

    And do you know if there was anyone in the courtroom named Patricia Keate?

    Was Merril there?

    Were any of Allan Keates wives there? one? two? five?

    Sorry about all the questions but you know that is just how I am.

    Nice job boots

  18. Hey Walton,

    Always great to hear from you. I have a feeling you and FreeBird would make great friends.

    I was only there for the last day and Carolyn and Rebbecca were already gone. So I wouldn't know if Carolyn had a chance to speak with Betty or not.

    Nobody in the FLDS speaks to me, so I wouldn't have a clue what anyone's names were.

    I don't believe any of Allan's wives or concubines were there. I believe his parents may have been there. There was an older couple sitting on the front row that looked pretty concerned and torn up when the sentence came back.

    Mr. Wilson made a point of hugging them and telling them he was "sorry".

    Life is strange. In one chair is a woman filled with joy and happiness, when all around her the other chairs are occupied by people who are sad or angry. I didn't let it stop me from being happy. I would never let any of these people steal my joy over justice.

    You have asked me before about Patricia and I don't know anything about her at all. I do know she was not on the list of Allan's concubines that Mr. Nichols read to the defense witness.

    The women of the FLDS who always pack the courtrooms for sentencing in Utah or Arizona in support of the defendents were not there.

    I have a feeling that is because they all know they are still very much under the potential for indictment here in Texas.

    Merrill was not there.

    No problem with questions at all Walton. You know you can always ask and if I know I'll share info.

  19. Boots,

    So sorry to hear that your mom deflated all your hopes. I hope that you were able to go in spite of her comment.

    Yeah, I can identify with being an ill equipped mom. I didn’t know the first thing about being a wife and mother. 16 yr old kids aren’t suppose to know these things yet. Everything I have done in my life has been learned the hard way, on the job training. :) How we survived? I still am dumbfounded when I think about it. But we did and I have a very beautiful daughter inside and out that is well rounded emotionally, intelligent, great mom, college educated, has a great job as one in a higher position, plus so many other wonderful traits. She was provided the guidance I never had, some of it trial and error :) - it does make a difference when parents do give their children their choices in life and let them be the person they are all while at the same time guiding and protecting them. And yes, having my freedom with choices has allowed me to pull my life together after the rough start.

    I agree with you about this story gripping our attention because of the similar abuse we have also suffered as children. It has brought all those memories back to the surface and I am experiencing all those old feelings again thru the suffrage of the little girls that are having their dreams squashed and being dictated to as to how, when, where and with whom they will have sex and bear baby after baby. Let them grow up first, girls and boys, get an education and then if they want that lifestyle, more power to them. I would also like to see them be allowed broader horizons to make their choices from. However, I still expect the lifestyle choice to be within the confines of the law whatever they may be just like all other US citizens are suppose to abide by.

    I realize that this is off topic to your story here but I want to thank you for allowing me to express myself. I never tell anyone any of this and I didn’t realize just how much it needed to come out. My family thinks I’m nuts because I spend so much time reading about this story so I don’t share any of these thoughts with them. They are not aware of all the deep sadness that this has brought to the surface. They only get to see my upbeat, happy side and that’s the way it will stay.

    Walton, keep asking questions. It’s because of people like you that I have gained so much knowledge thru all of this. There have been many times that I would have a question pop into my head and poof, there it would be on the screen asked by someone else and then one of the other posters would come along and answer it. Thank you all for you vast knowledge.


  20. Having lived in south Utah most of my life, I have seen the product of this life style. While I believe that we all have the inherent choices to worship and believe as we please, we do not have to sit silently by and watch the injustice that has been and is being done to the women and children of the FLDS faith. I say if they believe what they are doing is just and right, let them be transparent with what they choose to do instead of hiding behind the walls of the twin cities and religion.

  21. Dear Boots what can I say , you are a blessing to many . I just pray that G-D will continue to sustain you and give you joy to enable you to keep on doing what you do.

    All the best.