Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Potential Witness Intimidation Attempt

I'd like to thank TexasBluesMan for his excellent coverage in his blog, Coram Non Judice http://coramnonjudice.blogspot.com/, of a potential witness intimidation attempt in San Angelo yesterday morning.

Carolyn Jessop, author of "Escape" was in San Angelo Sunday night in preparation for the hearing in Judge Walther's court Monday, in her child support case against her ex-owner, FLDS Bishop Merril Jessop of the YFZ.

Merril Jessop is claiming to have no income. Documents retrieved by the Texas Rangers in the 2008 rescue conducted at the YFZ, indicate Warren Jeffs ordered Merril Jessop to divest himself of all assets in preparation for a child support claim against him by Carolyn.

The unidentified pick up reportedly drove by the residence where she was staying early Monday morning, without head lights on, and several shots were fired.


"We are a peaceful people"
Willie Jessop

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  1. Sounds like Dee Jessop was at it again. That guy will end up in jail.