Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hardcore Texan

Polygamy, like all social topics should be open to discussion of the facts, not just the feelings. The constitution does not claim to defend any ones feelings. It defends and enshrines specific rights for all our Citizens, because we are a nation of laws.
The day I left Nevada, after being fired from a job for the first time in my life [I was fired for publicly speaking out about all the dead children of polygamists in Mohave County], I slapped a bumper sticker on the back of my truck, since I was going to have to travel all the way across the state of Arizona on my way back home to Texas. You know what it said? It didn't say "Hardcore anti-polygamy activist."

I'm hardcore freedom, and that's all. Unlike folks who want activist judges to create new laws, which cannot be justified under any plain understanding of the Constitution's meaning or purpose, I'm just looking to explain the facts of polygamy, which include serious crimes, like the international sex trafficking of girl children in the FLDS from Canada to Arizona, to Texas and to Utah, for the purpose of rape.
Two of the Canadian girls trafficked by their parents across international boundaries were raped by Warren Steed Jeffs were 12 and 13 years old. Texas authorities have proof of that.
The only law enforcement organizations in America which have bravely faced down this child rapists sex ring, using religious polygamy as their excuse to traffick girl children for sexual purposes, would have to be the Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and Special Prosecutors Eric Nichols and Angela Goodwin, the Texas Rangers and Texas DPS as well as the Schleicher County Sheriff's Office.
No ma'am, my bumper sticker didn't say "hardcore anti polygamy"
My bumper sticker read: HARDCORE TEXAN
You come to Texas to run an organization which leads to the abuse and neglect of children by breaking our laws, yeah, we're going to stop you.
Our state has a message for Utah. You cannot come to Texas and rape and abuse our state's children. We will prosecute you for it here, even if they're only little girls.
I mean Penn State and their coaching staff and Jerry Sandusky....look at those boys who were raped. Look at the outrage that ensued when it became known those boys, and the boys of the Catholic Church were not protected inside an institution.
Funny how we're just not supposed to get quite as excited when it happens to little girls. It's as if that's what they are for after all, so what is the big deal?
Not in Texas. Everyone else can do what they want and you'll get exactly what you deserve for it, too. When honor killings are common in your neighborhood, because by decriminalizing polygamy Muslim men have become free to keep their American daughters in concubinage too, let me know how you think it's all working out for women's rights in America.
We lost a women's rights activist in Houston. She was assassinated. Do you think anyone in this country really cared about a girl who emigrated here from France after her family left Iran? Do you think the media cared she had just almost finished her residency at a prestigious hospital, demonstrated publicly in favor of women's rights in Iran and condemned the treatment of women there, and had just broken up with her boyfriend and recently become a Christian?
She was shot in head in her car, while on the phone with her ex boyfriend. It was early in the morning on her way home from the hospital, almost back to her parents home, in a very nice area of Houston.
There are no suspects.
No one saw anything.
Facts are funny things.
Truth is hate to those who hate the truth.
The women of Texas will not be handing over their current absolutely legal right to be their husband's only living equal, to a bunch of Jihads and fundamentalist Mormons. And you cannot rape our girls and call it marriage either.
I like the laws just how they are, thanks. I'd simply like to see some more vigorous prosecution of these known child rapists in Canada and America. We have DNA evidence, lots of it.


  1. Excellent! I so enjoy reading your blog, thoughts of HONESTY. All of us new to this can learn so much. You are a great writer. Glad to have found you and some others to seek the truth. Whomever fired you, lost a great employee, I am sure!
    It saddens me to hear that Texas had the information and didn't use it. Are they as bad as Colorado on ignoring the problem? Is that why Jeffs went to TX?

  2. Texas did use it. We're the only ones who have. We've successfully prosecuted every polygamist we've charged.

    G-d Bless Texas

  3. Oh, and it's not Colorado. It is Colorado City, Arizona in Mohave County.

    That's the largest concentrated area of practicing polygamists in America. If you want to know what Amrican polygamy looks like, go to its capital city in Arizona, first.

    Virtually every scientifically recorded negative outcome, documented across multiple studies of polygamy in 170 countries, can also be found in Colorado City, Arizona, Hildale Utah and now, Scleicher County, Texas.

    Stressed and epressed women, poverty, child molestation, child mortality, forbidden or neglected education, child brides, restrictions on women's dress and travel, as well as their ability to associate with any outsider of the immediate family group [unless it serves a higher religious purpose for the group], the free choice of marriage partner by the woman.

    This all happens in Pakistan and Afghanistan too.

    Crimes against humanity, just because they have gone on for thousands of years all over the globe, unchallenged, doesn't mean we have to accept them as good!

    What if no one had challenged slavery in America?

    "Along with her husband, [Abigail] Adams believed that slavery was evil and a threat to the American democratic experiment. A letter written by her on March 31, 1776, explained that she doubted most of the Virginians had such "passion for Liberty" as they claimed they did, since they "deprive[d] their fellow Creatures" of freedom.[2]

    A notable incident regarding this happened in Philadelphia in 1791, where a free black youth came to her house asking to be taught how to write. Subsequently, she placed the boy in a local evening school, though not without objections from a neighbor. Adams responded that he was "a Freeman as much as any of the young Men and merely because his Face is Black, is he to be denied instruction? How is he to be qualified to procure a livelihood? … I have not thought it any disgrace to my self to take him into my parlor and teach him both to read and write."

    Look how long that took?

  4. Please excuse all my typos...I'm heading for bed. Thanks for your support...and for caring about American women and children. So few do.