Monday, January 30, 2012

A Question for Mr. Romney

I think it is high time someone in the media asks Mitt Romney for his detailed response to the states of Utah and Arizona openly refusing to prosecute the federal crime of polygamy, in favor of seeking only prosecution for crimes against women and children.

Mr. Romney, what is your position on the decriminalization of polygamy in America, if individual states choose to do so?

Call me cynical, but nine years ago, when the US went into Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein from power, the running of the country was immediately turned over to the fundamentalist Islamist, aka the Muslim Brotherhood. Polygamy, which had been penalized under the previous secular dictatorship, was again encouraged, and practiced.

The condition of women in the NEW Iraq we have left behind is now worse than when we arrived. Now, fully 20 percent of the homeless populations, wandering and begging in Iraq's larger cities, is comprised of the cast off first, or second or third or fourth "wives" of Iraqi men, who have decided they no longer wish to provide for their concubines and the children produced from these Imam approved "marriages."

Times are hard, you know.

Add to these, the same Imams allow what are called "temporary marriages," which in fact are nothing more than religious approved prostitution contracts. These marriages can last as little as an hour, to as much as a lifetime, and children as young as mere babies may be "married" in these situations as well.

Utah and Arizona can legalize the concubinage of women if they want to? Personally, I'd like to hear Mitt say he thinks that's okay "for them," kind of like he says government run health care is OK for Massachusetts, because the states do have a right to decide these things legislatively, right Mr. Romney?

Just some advice for Mr. Romney: he should take a good look at the flag of the Battle of San Jacinto at the top of this page. It was a gift from the women of Kentucky and Ohio, who sent their men to Texas to win it from the Mexicans.

Somebody's going to have to KILL a LOT of Texas women before such a thing is ever allowed down here.

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