Saturday, August 6, 2011

Like Rats in the Walls

"Like rats in the walls" was a phrase I read on a site dedicated to exposing the growing threat of Sharia law in the U.S. The writer posited that those concerned about the issue, rather than being out in the open with their campaigns, were often content to lurk inside social networking sites, like Facebook, where they chat among themselves, and in a way 'hide' from those who are opposed to their truth.

It stuck with me, because it reminded me of how I have felt personally since January of 2010, when an 18-wheeler came after me and chased me all over the road at speeds exceeding 90 mph. I spent that entire night sitting in a hot tub in the back yard, drinking vodka and shivering in the 20 degree temperatures. I tried several times to get out but every time I did, I was so overcome with shivering, even inside the heated house, that I found I could do nothing but return to the tub. I was in shock.

There have been less posts here in my blog since then. Some of it has to do with time constraints and some of it, no doubt, has to do with what happened that January day. The real action happens not here in the blog, but on Facebook. For anyone wondering about the long gaps between posts here, there are no such gaps on Facebook, and we do stay on top of it there. If you want to be kept abreast of the very latest developments in the situation regarding American Polygamy, that is the place to be. Friend me. At some point, I am sure I will have to make a Facebook page for Americans Against Abuses of Polygamy. In the mean time you can find me there on Facebook listed under k.Dee Ignatin. If you want to friend me drop me a note explaining your interest in staying abreast of the cases, otherwise I will have no clue who you are or what you may want.

I am getting ready to leave this phase of acting like a rat inside the walls, though. September should prove to be an interesting month.

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