Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Update on Stop Polygamy in Canada Campaign

Please take the time to read this important message from our sister in Canada, Nancy Mereska. I have known Nancy for several years now, and watched as her organization has served the women of Canada, and the cause of freedom there.

Anyone who can possibly send even a little support her way is not only showing kindness, but honestly making a dent in the work to ensure women and children in North America will not have to suffer the indignities of a life born into gross physical servitude and spiritual bondage.

Dear Campaign members and friends of Stop Polygamy in Canada,

Financial Update:

Bank balance at October 31, 2010: $1005

Withdrawal in early November: $950

Hotel, Nov. 20-Dec. 11 $822

Airport fees/charges Nov. 20 $148.31

Donation December 7, 2010 $100

Current balance: $155

There may have been more donations in the last two weeks. I have not been to the bank to check the balance. If I find that more has been donated, I will inform you as soon as possible.

All grocery, part of the airport fees and city transportation fees were taken from my household budget. I had a suite with a small kitchenette consisting of a small refrigerator, sink and a two-burner stove. I was treated to lunch two times during my three-week stay which was much appreciated.

The only real inconvenience was the mice. I discovered one mouse scampering across the floor from under the fridge late one night! I asked for a mouse trap but when I returned that day from court, none had been provided. That night there were two mice and I phoned the desk and was a little more aggressive in asking for a mouse trap. I am not afraid of mice but a bite from one can cause serious health risks! The hotel is undergoing renovations this winter—one of the reasons they are providing a room at such a low rate. I hope when I return later this month the problem will have been rectified! (I did not keep any open containers or food on my little counter top so there were no tracks around my food area. And, I never leave dirty dishes!)

The presentation I was supposed to give to the Vegreville Knights of Columbus on November 8, 2010, was postponed due to the death of one of the members. I was in Vancouver for the December meeting. The January meeting is too close to Ukrainian Christmas so I will not be giving my presentation until February 7, 2011.

I am very grateful to those who have donated air miles for my many trips to Vancouver. Two more campaign members have offered to donate air miles. I will be contacting one of these members for my January 18-21 trip. With our very low bank balance, it looks like the airport fees, city transportation fees, hotel and food will once again come out of my household budget. (This is causing a great strain in my personal life! We are seniors who live below the poverty line.)

There are many people on the Stop Polygamy in Canada campaign list. Some of you have emailed me for instructions on how to donate to the Stop Polygamy in Canada campaign. I’ve given you instructions but the bank balance shows no donations have been made. Donations as small as $5 are welcome! Click on the “to donate” button at www.stoppolygamyincanada.wordpress.com for instructions on how to donate. If you live out of Canada, you can wire your donation to the Bank of Montreal at the address and account # given in the instructions. The privacy acts of Canada prevent me from knowing who is donating, so if you want a personal thank you card, please email me with your mailing address and let me know how much you have donated and I will send you a personal thank you.

Re: tax credit—I spoke with my accountant on our problem of not being able to give out tax credit receipts. She told me there are ways companies can get around giving to a humanitarian cause such as Stop Polygamy in Canada. The donation can be a tax write-off.


Nancy Mereska, President

Stop Polygamy in Canada

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