Sunday, August 1, 2010

Like veal in pens

I have nothing against veal personally. I don't care for it, so I don't eat it, however the veal calves I've met have all been happy as larks; since their entire life consisted of being constantly fed any young cow's dream diet. Miserable veal wouldn't be any good for market, so producers have motivation to take proper care of the animals.

I'm not a member or supporter of PETA, because I happen to think human life has more meaning than an animal's, which they clearly do not, "A pig is a boy is a pig" etc.

No, my mission in life is to concentrate on serving the purpose of improving human life. There are plenty of others, who also don't buy PETA's message, who do care enough about animal life to make it a mission to help protect and improve it.

I am most moved to action when I see the abuse of human beings, especially on such a large scale, like we see in the practice of polygamy.

Keeping human beings like veal in pens is wrong. That is how the women of polygamy are born and raised. When you see the Care Bear colored mothers on TV, nodding their heads and saying, "It's a wonderful life. This is our choice. Oh yes, we are very happy. It is a very pure life".

Is it now? And could we possibly have different definitions of the word "pure"?

Every woman on the YFZ Ranch knew about the child rape of a 12 year old little girl. If they didn't know when she was "married" to Warren Jeffs, all those concubines knew it afterward, when she most likely gave birth to a child, which no doubt was either taken from her at birth or at the time of the 2008 raid.

This child is now one of those "women" on the YFZ who don't believe they are abused.

This little girl thinks it is a wonderful life, her choice, she is happy...and she is pure.

You see, having a man [one you have been raised to believe is a god] in his 50's rape you on a special alter bed in your religion's temple, with the assistance of two more of his older concubines, while they tape recorded the whole episode, and later had every perverted command, and prayer and grunt transcribed on to paper as well...

This, in her world, the world of an FLDS girl child, is a pure life. Being sexually used to breed children for your religion is the epitome of purity.

Raising animals in pens for slaughter is one thing. Raising human beings in them, for the same purpose?

Nobody in Utah or Arizona seems to see any real problem with this.

I consider that a human rights problem and a feminist problem.

For if the government will continue to turn a blind eye to the illegal spread of male patriarchy, which abuses women, what world do you expect to leave for your great grand daughters?

If raising human veal is ignored....


  1. I happen to agree with PETA on this one - haven't eaten veal in 40 years. I would have to say that just because the calf doesn't know there's a better world out there, one where he can run loose and feel the sunshine and the breeze, doesn't mean he isn't being abused by being cooped up to fatten him up.

    Same thing with all those little FLDS girls, being fattened up for the slaughter: they aren't aware of a wider world, a sunnier world, where girls and women are treated with respect and allowed to have some say in their lives. A world where a girl can decide what she wants to be when she grows up, whom she wants to marry, and how best to serve G-d.

    There is one very basic difference between the FLDS and me, however: I believe that if there is truth in a belief, you don't have to keep people locked up to keep them as believers. If there is truth there, they will find their way to it - or back to it, if they wander away.

    Keeping their women as virtual prisoners is pretty clear evidence that they realize that what they're trying to peddle is a lot of baloney.

  2. My point is that what is appropriate for food production practices is not an acceptable form of keeping human beings. I wouldn't want people housed like chickens on an egg farm either but FLDS women are.

    One of the most kind and gentle women I have ever met in my whole life was facing complete financial ruin and has had to turn to veal production to keep from losing everything she ever owned.

    She is not cruel to her animals. I think her survival and quality of life are more important than theirs. PETA doesn't.

    That said, I used the veal analogy knowing it is an emotional trigger for some people just like hunting or even gun ownership is for some others.

    I wouldn't risk my life to save veal production, but I would to save another human being from that same life.

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I will be sure to check back in on yours from time to time. Please feel free to put as many links to it in the comments section on my blog as you like -- it will surely generate interest from others as well. I get about 75 hits per day, so the word will spread quickly.

    I think that the abuses suffered by the FLDS girls are tragic. I'm glad someone is getting the message out.

  4. is my blog address for anyone who is interested.

  5. I agree with your thoughts. Thank you for speaking out. I was raised in a polygamist community and saw first-hand how it devalues not only the women, but also the men. So many bright young men are brought down, turned into complete ego-maniacs or drowned by the pressure involved in trying to relate to so many women and children (as they feel is their duty). The tragedy of the "Lost Boys" who are ultimately rejected by their families, needs also to be exposed.

  6. Welcome, JC, it is wonderful to see you here as well.


    The Lost boys are a tender subject for me, and probably what drove me to become so deeply involved in this issue to begin with.

    You're very welcome on the speaking out part.

    We might start by asking exactly what the Attorney General of Utah is thinking when he has over 400 signed and sworn affidavits from Lost Boys saying they were dumped like dogs on the roads, mostly in his state, and yet, to date, not one polygamous parent has ever been prosecuted by his office for child endangerment or abandonment.