Thursday, November 5, 2009

The One Question

We have a guilty verdict.

Now, when prosecutors stand before the Schliecher County jury on Monday and the sentencing hearing commences, I would like them to ask the jury one question.

If this girl, her baby, or both of them had died during the intense three days of labor she endured behind the gates of the YFZ Ranch, what would they have done with the body or bodies?

Knowing that they were unwilling to seek outside medical help for a delivery, because of their fear of prosecution of Mr. Jessop, is it reasonable to assume they would have ever reported her or the child's deaths to the appropriate authorities?

Now you can decide how many years in prison this "man" deserves.


  1. I think they would have buried the child's body in an unmarked grave,as is their practice in Utah and Arizona. Regarding the young mother - they would have had their doctor produce a death certificate for the woman in question with an erroneous cause of death to cover up.

  2. That's an excellent question. This group has proven they have no regard for legal requirements regarding birth and death notifications.

  3. Back in Mohave County, when I contacted the Sheriff, local and state health departments of Arizona, I was told 'There is no requirement for human graves to be, or remain marked'.

    In other words, no one in Arizona cares that there are unmarked baby graves in Colorado City or Hildale.

    And if what my friend Pam Black says is true, there are plenty ob babies who never qualified for the dignified junk yard burial. If they were not born alive Warren ruled they had no soul, and didn't require burial in "consecrated ground" those babies could be put into garbage bags and buried in the back yard.

    No funeral home expense that way....and maybe you don't want to have to explain the baby had a forearm coming out of its forehead anyway, as Flora likes to say.

    Of course another expense they skip for babies are headstones.

    For decades Mohave County issued Colorado City, stacks of pre-signed death certificates. That the entire police department was corrupt to the prophet is not even up for discussion, as the FBI already knows from documents seized from Warren's brother, Seth Jeffs.

    They've got no problem keeping their dead people secret.

    CatW, not in Texas. I spoke to a source who told me every single reported death on the YFZ [3] has been seen by the coroner for Schleicher County. The source also told me it was the county's policy to automatically investigate the death of any minor child.

    So it doesn't matter what reason Dr. Barlow could have presented, they would have been caught.

    Their only option would have been to bury them on the ranch, or tote the bodies back up to Arizona or Utah for burial.

    They can get away with more up there- a lot more.

  4. Also, TexasC,

    WOW! What a great expert witness for the AG to call...just WOW!

    I want to go meet him so badly, lol.