Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mohave County & Marriott Int. Sent "Help" to Texas

Well, well, well, it looks like Mohave County was sending "help" to Texas before the FLDS children from the YFZ were even out of emergency shelters.

Who exactly is this woman, Lenore Knudson from Kingman, Arizona, currently home to Warren Jeffs?

So before Texas had even wrapped up the rescue, someone from Kingman, Arizona, the Mohave County seat, was winging her way here to help us understand the cultural sensitivity required in dealing with polygamists and how children should stay with their parents, even if they are known to be participating in Felony acts... Then, Marriott comped her whole stay for her. www.http//
That's interesting. Did they comp all people who were here to help the Texas children? Social workers, attorneys, law enforcement? They all had to travel from across Texas to the scene to help. Were any of them comped by Marriott as well? Or was it just this one woman from Mohave County? Maybe they comped the stays of the Safety Net Committee members sent to help the Texas children, too?

The "special training" Lenore accomplished here appears to have been performed on behalf of the Texas Supreme Court Childrens Commission. Gee, I wonder who is running that?

Y'know, I've asked more than once how these volunteer ad lidem attorneys could have ever in a zillion years thought sending these children back to their abusers was in their best interest. I really want to know who the ad lidem attorney for that boy with 19 identifiable bone breaks in his little body. How was it exactly in his best interest to return to whoever was "responsible" for him? Was that particular attorney the beneficiary of any of this special Mohave County training?
Lucky for us her training sessions were video taped, so maybe we can get some answers from that.
Did Mohave County call us and offer their "help"? Or, like complete idiots, did someone here call them to ask for it? If so, who made that call and why was Lenore Knudson from Mohave County considered an expert on abused cult children? Did she give advice to prosecutors at Tony Alamo's trial? What sort of expert exactly is she? Is she an expert on abused cult children or an expert at convincing people that the felony crime of polygamy is harmless and should be decriminalized.
The owner of Marriott International is one of the largest contributors to the main stream LDS Church today. Why was he, or someone with his company, so interested in helping Texas children that they would donate free hotel space to someone sent here from Mohave County? Who else did they comp rooms for?


  1. I'd love to know the answer to that question -- who contacted Ms. Knudson to request or services or whether she initiated the consultation.

  2. I don't know but you can just bet yer boots I'll find out;)

  3. Lenore Knudtson is a recognized expert, having both law and psychology degree(s). She is a member of the bar in Arizona, Wisconsin and Minnesota. She is definitely not a friend of the FLDS.

    In addition to the training she provided to the ad litems (necessary in my opinion), many of whom had no experience in Family Law, she has presented similar presentations nationwide for the ABA and other national organizations.

    While I generally agree with your view, you're barking up the wrong tree here.

    There is nothing there... let's focus on something that we can make an impact on...

  4. Y'know, TxBluesMan, I generally agree with you as well.

    Regardless of what her professional credentials are, what I don't understand is why this expert came from Mohave County, Az and how she came to be such a vital expert in the service of the state of Texas?

    Unless you know this person somehow, and can convince me that this is all just some strange "coincidence", I'm afraid I will have to disagree with you, strongly.

    But hey, you've got my email and number, so if you think I should back off, go for it. I'm willing to listen, are you?

  5. Boots, I found this on another Blog.

    When the Texas Supreme Court decides to fix the outcome of a case, they don’t horse around. Turns out that in addition to (a) distributing copies of the anti-FLDS screed, The Primer and (b) hiring as lead AAL trainer a long-time Texas CPS insider, Charles G. Childress, the Court also paid for imported bias in the person of Lenore Knudtson.

    Knudtson is an attorney in Kingman, Arizona, home of the grand jury that indicted (former?) FLDS prophet Warren Jeffs in the case that led to his current imprisonment. According to this May 2008 ABA Family Law Section newsletter, Knudtson is also a “former psychologist who represents many of the [FLDS] Church’s children in similar cases in Arizona.”

    Trust me FLDS don't like this attorney!

  6. Harley, sugar, I understand the FLDS doesn't like her. That's been pointed out by TBM.

    That doesn't, however, mean that Ms. Knudtson is not 'Pro-polygamy'. Everyone wants to sit in a vacuum and say if someone is against the FLDS they must also be against polygamy. Not true. There are tens of thousands of polygamists up there and they are all claiming to be better than the FLDS. They think the FLDS is making them look bad.

    Really? She has represented FLDS children in Arizona? What was the circumstance, and did she get them away from their parents who were commiting a felony? Never mind, I already know the answer.

    Flora has been fighting to protect the children of the FLDS for years now. We have yet to see a single child ever removed and protected from polygamy up there. Not one.

    So who did she "represent" and have they been protected from the crime of polygamy, or just sent back to it after their folks got some Safety Net counseling?

    I'm not joking. Not one child has ever been removed from polygamy in Arizona or Utah and protected by the system. Not a single solitary ONE.

    Gee, I guess that means Ms. Knudtson must share in the 100% track record of never once removing a child to protect them from the crime of polygamy!

    Aren't her little girl clients lucky to have her.

    Let me get the videos and then, if I'm wrong, I'll owe you all a drink.