Friday, February 27, 2009


Welcome to the official blog of Americans Against Abuses of Polygamy. My name is k.Dee Ignatin. I am the President and Executive Director of the "Triple AP".

Many Americans are only now learning about the truth of American polygamy, the crimes, abuses and cover-ups.

The AAAP is dedicated to educating Americans, especially women, of the cultural dangers of polygamy.

Here, I hope to chronicle the reasons I became involved, and our organization's journey into national waters.

K. Dee Ignatin


  1. "The only thing that stays the same is that eveverything changes"

    Since establishing this little blog,the AAAP named Buster Johnson as President. This way I only have to juggle the one title:)

  2. I hope ya'll are following the
    Whoever opened it, has all kinds of evidence about FLDS. Current and past. I think it's great ya'll have started this group. I feel sorry and angry at the women in this group, but the children are the ones who suffer for decisions made by the leaders and adults in this group.. I wish you the best!!!